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The SPECTRUM Water chiller hits the nerve of the time

10 October 2022

There are many chillers, but SPECTRUM Water only exists once. The model is unique in its performance range – this is ensured by the sophisticated product features. What precise added value does this offer to users? That's what the "on point." editors ask the ENGIE expert team around the SPECTRUM Water chiller.

"With the SPECTRUM Water chiller, we are reaching another milestone in our company's history: ENGIE Refrigeration now offers the only water-cooled chiller series with oil-free high-lift turbo compressors on the international market in its performance class. In doing so, we guarantee maximum reliability and operational reliability and maximum seasonal efficiency over the entire service life. As a result, our customers benefit from a reliable, sustainable and, consequently, future-proof chiller.“
Jochen Hornung, Geschäftsführer der ENGIE Refrigeration

"Powerful, energy-efficient and highly reliable: The new SPECTRUM Water chiller ensures cooling supply at the highest level. However, the oil-free machine design makes it unique; no other model in the world offers this in this power and temperature range. For users, this means that SPECTRUM Water provides them with five important added values: outstanding energy efficiency, an environmentally friendly design without synthetic and water-polluting lubricating oils and absolute low noise and low vibration. In addition, there is a high level of operational reliability and low maintenance costs. In short: The SPECTRUM Water chiller meets the highest demands on economy and ecology.“
Roman Steddin, Produktmanager at ENGIE Refrigeration

„Six basic models, a range from 170 to 1,100 kilowatts of nominal cooling capacity, refrigerant outlet temperatures down to -10 degrees Celsius: The SPECTRUM Water chiller is predestined for all process cooling applications in the field of normal cooling or for use as a brine/water large heat pump in combination with low-temperature heat sources such as ice storage systems. Its full potential comes applies in food and beverage industry, but it is also ideal for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries".
Daniel Keller, Head of Product and Application Management

„What do cooling and heating solutions need to look like in order to meet demanding requirements for energy efficiency and sustainability? This question is more urgent than ever in times of energy scarcity and climate change. As an apprentice, I find it extremely exciting how ENGIE Refrigeration succeeds in designing and realizing products with a future for the next generation. This is fully true again with our SPECTRUM Water chiller; for example, thanks to the use of the low-GWP refrigerant R-1234ze. The model thus hits the nerve of the times – and represents a future-proof investment for users worldwide."
Marie Trautwein, Apprentice at ENGIE Refrigeration

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