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Cooling and heating technology for more energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is currently on the agenda of every business. In times of rising energy prices and carbon pricing, high levels of system efficiency are essential if you want to reduce your operating costs and carbon emissions in a sustainable manner while remaining competitive in the long term. This is because the cheapest and cleanest kilowatt hour is the one that is never generated.

‘Energy efficiency is more than just trading carbon certificates. It is a conscious protection of resources and a “yes” for our future. Our refrigeration and heating solutions play their part – thanks to constant developments and improvements, we can offer our customers truly energy-efficient and sustainable solutions.’

Jochen Hornung, CEO at ENGIE Refrigeration

Your advantages with our energy-efficient solutions

Eye Level
We are a partner at eye level. What this means is: we assist you with our expertise during the planning and design phase to ensure greater energy efficiency.
Maximum energy efficiency
We are always setting new standards for the industry. Whether you need reliable cooling or cosy warmth – we know how to get the best for you.
Always different
Every situation is unique. That is why we don’t have cookie-cutter solutions. We consider your requirements and establish an efficient energy concept.
Reliable service expertise
UWherever you are, whatever the time: our comprehensive service network ensures competent help and trouble-free operation that is always highly efficient.

Our energy-efficient solutions at a glance

When it comes to energy efficiency, the QUANTUM Water is right there. After its recent full redesign in 2021, the water-cooled QUANTUM chiller offers high-end technology. Highly efficient turbo compressors with magnetic bearings, flooded shell and tube condensers, open-flash economizer integrated as standard, and state-of-the-art PLC and control technology ensure particularly high levels of energy efficiency with low material input. As a result, the QUANTUM Water is one of the most efficient and powerful water-cooled chillers on the market. Get to know our serie!


It’s hardly a secret that energy efficiency always comes first for ENGIE Refrigeration – our motto is ‘efficiency first’. And of course this is true for the SPECTRUM Water as well: based on the QUANTUM Water platform, it has new oil-free high-lift turbo compressors that expand the temperature range on the chilled and cooling medium side and allow it to be operated as a large water/water or brine/water heat pump. Its seasonal efficiency values in heating operation (SCOP) not only exceed the minimum requirements of the Ecodesign Directive by a multiple, they are also unmatched on the international market for large heat pumps. This will bring you, the user, a good step closer to your target of ‘climate neutrality’. That’s why you should rely on the SPECTRUM Water. 

We offer a quantum of added efficiency. To this end, our QUANTUM Air contains the combined expertise we have gathered over decades. The chiller is currently the most powerful air-cooled chiller featuring oil-free compressor technology with magnetic bearings on the market, and it impresses with the intelligent connection of various components as well as with optimised control of compressors and EC fans. That is why the series is so highly efficient.

The QUANTUM Air is optionally available with green heat recovery. This module allows you to utilise up to 100 per cent of the waste heat generated during refrigeration. All in line with our strategy of ‘zero carbon transition as a service’, the QUANTUM will assist you on your path to climate neutrality – while offering maximum energy efficiency. Discover the QUANTUM Air here!


An investment in the thermeco2 is an investment in your future: our high-temperature heat pump with cooling medium temperatures of up to 90 degrees Celsius combines maximum efficiency with excellent COP values. With an interior heat exchanger (IHE) integrated as standard and a precise control strategy, it achieves excellent efficiency values even during supercritical operation. It develops its full potential whenever there is a simultaneous strong demand for heating and cooling.

As a natural refrigerant, CO2 also prepares you for the challenges of the present and the future. Learn more about this topic here.

You need an air-cooled chiller that is perfect for the low- or medium-capacity range? Then our PENSUM Air series is the right choice for you. These solutions are fully flexible and can be adapted to your individual requirements. Smart compressors, modern fans and compact heat exchangers ensure high efficiency levels on a minimal footprint. In combination with optional green heat recovery, it is possible to recover up to 40 per cent of thermal output on the condenser. This further improves the overall efficiency of the system in an intelligent way.

Read more about PENSUM Air here!


Are you looking for energy-efficient heat or cooling? Contact us. We are happy to advise you.