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Manufacturing industry

Things move fast in manufacturing. Every process step is designed to be efficient – just like our refrigeration solutions and heat pumps. Businesses need all their processes to function reliably in order to maintain their production schedules. These two requirements – maximum energy efficiency and absolute operational reliability – are fulfilled by all our product series.

Projects in the manufacturing industry

The manufacturing industry has many faces – just like our refrigeration solutions and heat pumps

The food manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and chemicals industries have completely different characteristics and structures. But they all have one thing in common: they are based on gigantic industrial processes. No industry can get by without smooth-running production, where every process step leads to the next like a well-oiled gear. This applies to the automotive industry as much as to the plastics industry.

Many of these process steps depend on the perfect temperature. Especially when it comes to the storage of medicine, chemicals or food, there is very little room for deviation, and often none at all. Precise cooling and heating are both equally essential to production. And that’s where we at ENGIE Refrigeration come in.

Ideal temperatures for ideal production

Potential solutions vary as widely as the industries that need them. That is why we don’t offer a ‘standard solution’. All our chillers and heat pumps can be deployed individually, and many of them can be adapted in modular fashion, so they can be adapted to the on-site requirements.
This means we always find the best solution for you and your manufacturing process.

Our product series help you lower your energy consumption and energy costs, and thus ensure maximum energy efficiency. As well as relieving pressure on your liquidity, this also protects the environment – an important topic that will shape the decades to come.

Your advantages working with us, our chillers and our heat pumps

There are many good reasons to have us as your partner by your side. Of course we can name only a few here, and some things depend on the task in question. We will discuss a range of options with you, which will allow us to form an impression of your situation and your needs.

We offer you the following:

  • Partnership at eye level – over 100 years of experience and expertise in refrigeration solutions cannot lie.
  • Industry knowledge – our projects are international and cover many industries. We are certain to have an expert for your industry.
  • Comprehensive – we analyse, design, implement, inspect and maintain. You can request the full package or individual services. We would be delighted to hear from you!

Our chillers are:

  • innovative – our chillers and heat pumps are always setting new standards on the refrigeration market.
  • as energy-efficient as possible – chillers or heat pumps are only good if they offer optimal efficiency while maintaining operational reliability. That is what we stand for.
  • cost-saving – the aim is to lower energy costs, provide long-term relief for the environment and produce maintenance-friendly machines. Ultimately, each of these items represent financial relief for you.

We are also:

  • service-oriented – we perform maintenance and servicing for the installed chillers and heat pumps.
  • competent experts – if required, we will train your staff and prepare your employees for the demands of the refrigeration and heating market.
  • responsible – to keep our chillers perfectly operational at all times, we use our in-house test beds to test their
    performance and efficiency.

If you would like to learn more about our services or have a specific question, you are welcome to contact us.


‘Our comprehensive approach is a big advantage for our international customers in the manufacturing industry. We handle major projects – from analysis and design to implementation and subsequent services. We also provide one-off assistance with our deep expertise.’

Daniel Keller,  Director Sales & Business Development at ENGIE Refrigeration

Has our experience in the manufacturing industry won you over?