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Our solutions for building services

Inconspicuous, quiet and highly efficient – these are the criteria that chillers in office buildings, airports and event venues must meet. After all, temperatures must be perfectly pleasant to ensure that the core business runs smoothly. Our innovative solutions combine all these criteria and fit perfectly into their environment.

Projects involving building services

Perfect room temperature thanks to innovative solutions from ENGIE Refrigeration

Modern buildings have long become much more than just places to be. They provide meeting places for many people, and they have to fulfil emotional needs as well as offering functional advantages. One of these is an ideal pleasant temperature. If a building is too hot or too cold, whether it is an airport, a concert hall or an office building, we feel uncomfortable and attempt to spend as little time there as possible.

An ideal room temperature, on the other hand, is almost imperceptible, but it is always present and makes us enjoy our environment – and, for employees, it even improves productivity.

As a specialist for maximum energy efficiency, we at ENGIE Refrigeration recognised this early on, and we offer a range of cooling and heating technology solutions for building services. After all, the requirements are highly specific. On the one hand, chillers and heat pumps must be able to cool buildings precisely, very quickly and with a very short start-up time to the preferred setpoint. On the other, they need to be integrated into the building concept without attracting attention. This also means they have to be quiet in operation; after all, chillers and heat pumps must not be a distraction. This is as true for concert and event venues as it is for office buildings, where people have to be able to concentrate on their work.

We offer a range of cost-effective solutions to suit your individual needs, and all of them have one thing in common: they achieve maximum energy efficiency, which means that investment costs amortise very quickly.

SPECTRUM Water from ENGIE Refrigeration

SPECTRUM: Designed for green architecture

The SPECTRUM Water heat pump is the latest model from ENGIE Refrigeration. And as you’d expect, it can satisfy all requirements for a heating supply that will remain viable for the long term in an exemplary fashion. How do you benefit? We developed the SPECTRUM Water in a way that ensures this model contributes to meeting international climate targets and can cater to rising market demand for highly efficient heat pumps. It will make your building viable for the future – guaranteed.

SPECTRUM Water provides a whole series of special features that no other model on the market manages to combine:

  • Nominal heat outputs from 350 to 3,100 kilowatts and a condenser leaving water temperature of up to +65 degrees Celsius ensure suitability for supplying space heating and hot service water in both new and existing buildings
  • Top efficiency due to a unique combination of turbo compressors with magnetic bearings, flooded shell and tube condensers, and an open-flash economizer
  • Unique, oil-free machine concept for a low-maintenance system operation that remains reliable for the long term
  • Climate-friendly due to the use of low GWP refrigerants, which has advantages for building certification systems like BREEAM
  • Eligible for subsidies as an individual measure within the federal funding for energy-efficient buildings (BEG) operated by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA) with attractive funding opportunities covering up to 45 per cent of the eligible investment costs
  • More details can be found here.

In a nutshell: Whether an office complex, logistics hall or airport – the SPECTRUM Water heat pump will elevate your heat supply to a whole new level. Contact us directly to discuss your project!

Water-cooled QUANTUM with sustainable refrigerant

QUANTUM: quiet, flexible and with maximum energy efficiency

There are many versions of the QUANTUM. Both the air-cooled and the water-cooled chillers achieve maximum performance when it comes to refrigeration. Our QUANTUM models are also available with the Super Silent package, which is especially useful for noise-sensitive buildings.

Green heat recovery is a very special extra. The QUANTUM can be used as a chiller or heat pump to better determine GHR. A smart 2-in-1 solution for cosy warmth in winter and fresh coolness in summer.

But even the basic version of the QUANTUM series has plenty of great features. All models in the series offer the following advantages:

  • Maximum efficiency, a high EER value under full load and part load, and a space-saving design
  • Reliable in operation due to a redundant design and fewer faults due to an oil-free system
  • High-quality fittings for a long service life
  • Flexible options for chiller regulation and control
  • All QUANTUM models are assigned to protection class IP54 and thus feature protection against contact and spray water.
  • Every QUANTUM can be adapted to your individual needs and requirements.

Learn more about our QUANTUM series here:


Made for you: our PENSUM model series

Flexibility is very important to ENGIE Refrigeration. After all, every customer requirement is new and individual. Standard solutions are not an option here. Our PENSUM series are based on this exact principle: maximum versatility and maximum efficiency.
Due to their powerful performance and unique customisation options, PENSUM models are a perfect choice for the medium performance range – and thus perfect for building services.

Our water-cooled PENSUM can be customised in a great many ways. Available in three different versions and with plenty of modular options, this chiller matches your building service requirements perfectly.

The air-cooled PENSUM steals the show with its modular design. In addition, the chiller runs on the refrigerant R-454B, which has a low GWP value of 466 and makes it future-proof.

Both chillers are available in different versions and can also be used as heat pumps, eliminating the need for an additional heating system.

The advantages of the PENSUM:

  • Versatility: suitable for hospitals, office buildings, public institutions and industry
  • Customised solutions due to various options and model versions
  • Active and passive safety features ensure safety and a stable performance
  • Can also be used as a heat pump


Learn more about PENSUM Air


AMONUM chiller with natural refrigerant

Natural cooling with the AMONUM

Climate protection is a central challenge of our era – and that includes building services. Climate-neutral buildings and a positive energy balance are not just trendy topics; they are the future. The AMONUM provides refrigeration that is as eco-friendly as possible. It uses ammonia for cooling – a natural refrigerant that does not contribute towards global warming. Nor does it harm the ozone layer.

Thanks to its innovative design, the AMONUM chiller is absolutely safe and harmless.

The following factors make the AMONUM so impressive:

  • Sustainability
  • Low-cost refrigerant
  • Easily available refrigerant
  • Low operating costs
  • Low energy demand during refrigeration.


What else makes the AMONUM so special? Read more about it here! 

‘Building services must meet a range of demands. We must learn to perceive indoor spaces as meeting places, not just places to spend time. For this, we need cost-efficient and eco-friendly refrigeration and heating solutions, which we at ENGIE Refrigeration already offer today.’

Bernd Heine, Head of Application Management at ENGIE Refrigeration

Are you planning to equip your building with a chiller or heat pump?