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Efficient process cooling for the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industry

When things have to be perfect, we come to the fore – and that applies to the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industry as well. Temperature-sensitive production processes in particular require that ambient temperatures are always ideal – whether manufacturing medicines or other complex chemical goods. We offer reliable and energy-efficient refrigeration solutions for these situations.

The right solution for every requirement: our refrigeration technology in the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industry

As we knew long before 2021, the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industry is of absolute systemic importance – important production chains must be followed down to the smallest detail. But that’s not all. In this era, complex processes sometimes need to be adapted to different requirements quickly and, above all, easily.

The necessary refrigeration plays a central role here, both in the production process and in the storage of medicines and other chemicals-based goods. The refrigeration supply must guarantee that these stringent requirements are met at all times – and we at ENGIE Refrigeration have specialised in exactly these situations.

We are the reliable partner by your side

Our refrigeration technology solutions have always stood for maximum efficiency and absolute reliability. But it is not just our chillers that convince with their performance.

When you choose ENGIE Refrigeration, you are also choosing a sparring partner who is your equal, and who offers you much more than just machine solutions. We assist you in all matters relating to energy efficiency and climate neutrality:

  • Zero carbon transition as a service: If you wish, we will help you on your path to climate neutrality, from consultation to planning and implement-ation.
  • Service: Our comprehensive service network is always there for you – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Always with a smile.
  • dka – the refrigeration academy: We share our know-how and show you how to get the best out of your refrigeration technology.
  • Efficiency check: How effective are your chillers? We tell you and identify potential improvements.
  • Flexible for every requirement: We don’t have just one chiller. We have many different solutions for many different requirements and needs – and we definitely have the perfect model for your application.


The selection is huge, but where to start?

The advantages of QUANTUM

  • Maximum energy efficiency: Save up to 50% of operating costs
  • Operational reliability: No failure of the entire system, compressor change while the system is running
  • Continuous power control: Smaller dimensions of storage tanks, fewer start-ups, stable consumer power supply
  • Oil-free compressor and non-contact magnetic bearing: Sustainable refrigeration
  • Start-up current below 5A
  • Gentle start-up: Staggered start, no power peaks
  • Low sound and vibration: No vibration damping, sound damping, leakage or vibration damage
  • Reduced CO2 emissions: Excellent environmental balance, drastically reduced energy costs
  • No reactive current compensation: No drop of power factor under part load
  • Service: Simple design, fewer components, low maintenance


You can learn more about the individual models here:

The very first SPECTRUM Water chiller ever went to a company in the pharmaceutical and chemical sector. Well - that's no coincidence. Because this model is predestined for use in a highly sensitive environment. And in doing so, it stands up to demanding requirements in terms of operational reliability and efficiency.  Here's what you need to know about SPECTRUM:

  • Powerful nominal cooling capacities of up to 1,100 kilowatts and chilled medium outlet temperatures down to -10 degrees Celsius.
  • Clever chiller design and high-quality high-end components guarantee highest operational reliability and failure safety
  • In process cooling applications with excellent seasonal efficiency values for minimum operating costs and CO2 emissions
  • Low-maintenance and permanently reliable operation thanks to oil-free chiller design
  • Smart operation leads to high user friendliness
  • Compact design saves space in technical rooms and facilitates installation
  • Low-GWP refrigerant R-1234ze is future-proof with regard to the F-Gas regulation

More details about SPECTRUM Water can be found HERE on the product page.

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