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Reliable refrigeration for hospitals

The temperature at the hospital plays an important role for patients, staff and the many sensitive medical devices. Chilled water is needed for climate control of operating theatres and intensive care units, for example – in a precise, reliable, efficient, silent and unobtrusive way. A challenge that we as a specialist for maximum efficiency are mastering in more than 150 clinics.

Refrigeration supply for hospitals: strict requirements, high reliability

Hospitals around the world face the same challenge when it comes to climate control: they require maximum efficiency, machines that are as quiet as possible, and absolute reliability. We at ENGIE Refrigeration know this, because we have been assisting clinics with the planning, budgeting and implementation of their refrigeration supply for more than ten years. From Germany to Iran, from the UK to Réunion, more than 150 hospitals and clinics around the world now rely on QUANTUM chillers.

Rising energy costs are a significant cost factor, especially for businesses that operate 24 hours a day. Do you work for an operating company or institution at a medical facility? We are happy to assist you with our extensive expertise.


Our QUANTUM chillers have proved to be a perfect match for hospitals in many regards:

  • Win-win profile: They guarantee maximum energy efficiency and absolute reliability
  • Space-saving: Their small footprint saves space, an important resource
  • Quiet as a whisper: Noise and vibration emissions from QUANTUM chillers are also low, so they can be operated with little wear.
  • Gentle: The gentle starting behaviour ensures low start-up currents.
  • Low-cost operation: One special feature of the QUANTUM series is that the models are low-maintenance and therefore low-cost.
  • Numerous versions: The QUANTUM comes in many different versions and thus provides the perfect solution for individual requirements.


Refrigeration supply around the clock

One customer who has been benefiting from the QUANTUM since 2010 is the Schoen Clinic site in Vogtareuth in the Chiemgau region. It now operates three chillers. Only one of the machines is in constant operation, while the others are added when necessary.

This way, ENGIE Refrigeration secures the refrigeration supply around the clock. And with our extensive service network, our service engineers can get to you quickly to perform regular maintenance.

The advantages of QUANTUM

  • Maximum energy efficiency: Save up to 50% of operating costs
  • Continuous power control: Smaller dimensions of storage tanks, fewer start-ups, stable consumer power supply
  • Oil-free compressors and non-contact magnetic bearing: Sustainable refrigeration, extremely gentle starting behaviour
  • Reduced CO2 emissions: Excellent environmental balance, drastically reduced energy costs
  • No reactive current compensation required: No drop of power factor under part load
  • Service: Simple design, fewer components, low maintenance

Would you like to learn more about the individual models?

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‘Not only was our experience with ENGIE Refrigeration positive in terms of reliability, we are also impressed with the energy efficiency of these chillers.’

Josef Wurzer, responsible for building technology at the Schoen Clinic in Vogtareuth

Would you like to learn more about chillers and heat pumps for hospitals or talk to us directly about your options?

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