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The ideal temperature for your data centre

Data centres and IT buildings are essential infrastructure elements. They must be utterly reliable, as faults can lead to data loss or even IT failures. Even the smallest deviation from the required room temperature affects the reliability of IT devices, so reliable refrigeration technology is the basis for a functioning data centre.
ENGIE Refrigeration can guarantee this reliability: our portfolio offers various chillers that meet these strict requirements for the generation and supply of refrigeration – and have been proving themselves for many years to customers around the world.

Projects at data centres

Our chillers for critical infrastructures: we cool your data centre!

We accompany you on your path to climate neutrality. That is why sustainable and low-carbon product solutions are one of the cornerstones of our portfolio. We offer chillers with heat recovery – such as the QUANTUM Air with green heat recovery – and run multiple models on the future-proof refrigerants R-515B and R-1234ze or the natural refrigerant CO2.

We specialise in challenging environments, and we know how important precise temperature control in data centres is, because it allows IT systems and all processes to run smoothly. We are happy to help you achieve this aim at any time. Especially in data centres and IT buildings, our chillers guarantee maximum operational reliability.

Our QUANTUM series in particular is absolutely reliable and demonstrates outstanding energy efficiency. We guarantee excellent power usage effectiveness values (PUE). This saves you money.

We rely exclusively on top-quality technological components and smart features for our chillers. From the special fast-restart function to the integrated free cooling module in the QUANTUM Air – the sophisticated properties of our models are unique. No other manufacturer on the international refrigeration market offers the same.

Would you like to have your chiller serviced, or do you have an urgent question? We are always there for you with our 24/7 service hotline and, thanks to our comprehensive service network, we can get to your premises quickly.

Products from ENGIE Refrigeration

Energy-efficient, reliable, durable – our QUANTUM Air chillers ensure high levels of operational reliability and a perfect refrigeration supply for data centres. QUANTUM models from ENGIE Refrigeration are already in use in more than 50 data centres and IT buildings. 

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Our redesigned QUANTUM Water is perfect for data centres, as its specific machine concept (chilled water output temperatures >20 °C) perfectly meets the requirements there. 

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Green technology for data centres: our thermeco2 high-temperature heat pump with the natural refrigerant CO2 provides an especially eco-friendly method of server cooling. 

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The PENSUM Air chiller is ideal for small data centres and IT buildings. With its special properties, our PENSUM Air is unique in the market segment of chillers for medium-capacity ranges from 40 to 400 kilowatts. 

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