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QUANTUM Air chillers

All QUANTUM Air models feature maximum efficiency, maximum cooling, convenient control systems and excellent serviceability. Our experts have developed a method for significantly reducing refrigerant capacities and thus reducing the ecological footprint – regardless whether the chosen refrigerant is R-515B, R-1234ze, R-134a or R-513A.

The advantages of the QUANTUM Air at a glance

Maximum efficiency
through intelligent connections between the components
Maximum refrigeration capacity
from all air-cooled chillers with magnetic-bearing compressor technology
Light and compact
due to a sophisticated modular design
More sustainable for the environment
sustainable use of operating fuels due to reduced refrigerant capacities
Flexible application
by industrial companies, data centres and hospitals, for example

‘The QUANTUM Air is the optimal answer to the current and future needs of operating companies. This makes it perfect for use in a wide variety of industries.’

Daniel Keller, Director Sales & Business Development at ENGIE Refrigeration

QUANTUM Air: properties for greater efficiency

You can rely on us as your partner. We are shaped by a constant need to innovate and by the highest technical standards. Our QUANTUM Air series contains more than 16 years of experience in product development for air-cooled chillers. And it shows in all 28 versions of the series.

The air-cooled QUANTUM Air provides refrigeration capacities between 250 kilowatts and 2 megawatts. This chiller thus beats all the air-cooled chillers with magnetic-bearing compressor technology that are currently available on the market.

With 20 per cent less operational weight and a footprint that is 10 per cent smaller than that of its predecessors, our current QUANTUM Air models, which were redesigned in 2019, are flexible in terms of application – and suitable for a wide range of construction-side conditions.

Maximum efficiency, maximum cooling and excellent serviceability – these are the features of our QUANTUM Air models. By creating intelligent connections between various components, our experts have managed to ensure that the series is highly efficient.

All 28 QUANTUM Air models offer the advantages you have long been familiar with from the air-cooled chillers made by ENGIE Refrigeration: oil-free compressors, contact-free magnetic bearings, gentle starting behaviour, low noise and vibrations, and high levels of operational reliability.

But our new models of the latest generation offer even more advantages. For example, even standard QUANTUM Air chillers are very quiet due to the use of an additional condenser. With the Supersilent package, they can be even quieter. The fan speed and refrigeration capacity are limited to a maximum noise level – which is essential in noise-sensitive applications such as hospitals and office buildings.

Maximum efficiency in the use of operating fluids is especially important. That is why our specialists have developed methods for significantly reducing the refrigerant capacities of the QUANTUM Air series – regardless of the chosen refrigerant.

Fourteen models in the series use the refrigerant R1234ze, while the other fourteen models can operate with R-134a or R-513A. The eco-friendly refrigerant R-515B can also be used as an alternative to R-1234ze for QUANTUM Air chillers.

Lower refrigerant capacities not only save valuable operating materials; they also ensure maximum efficiency in energy use while simultaneously protecting the environment. The positive effect here is that your carbon footprint is reduced by up to ten per cent by TEWI value [kg of CO2].

The TEWI value is a reference value for assessing the global warming impact of a complete system. Unusually, this value includes the indirect CO2 emissions from the chiller during operation in addition to the direct ones.

We at ENGIE Refrigeration want to make things as pleasant for you as possible. That is why our QUANTUM Air chillers feature the latest communications technology and an intelligent PLC to make operation smarter than ever before.

Highly efficient EC fans can be actuated via Modbus. This allows you to operate your machine precisely to suit the required chilled water temperature, the load requirements and the ambient temperature.

The compressors and fans of the QUANTUM Air series are optimised in such a way that overall energy consumption is optimised at every point of operation – and at various ambient temperatures. For you, this means maximum energy efficiency.

Our models achieve this through modifications of the PLC that also result in higher energy efficiency during the provision of refrigeration.

Our QUANTUM Air models are based on a sophisticated modular principle. You therefore benefit from shorter delivery times and exceedingly serviceable chillers, as the responsible ENGIE service technician can access the machine interior easily during maintenance.

This saves time and, in many cases, money.

In addition to numerous standards and technical features, we at ENGIE Refrigeration of course offer further modules that enable QUANTUM Air chillers to be modified perfectly. These include:

  • Integrated free cooling modules for free cooling, mixed mode or compression mode
  • Preconfigured hydraulic modules
  • Green heat recovery

Please contact us for additional options.

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