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PENSUM Air chiller

Our air-cooled PENSUM Air series is the absolute benchmark in the medium-capacity range from 50 to 400 kilowatts. This is because the series runs on the future-proof refrigerant R-454B with a low GWP value of 466 – and thus helps users improve their ecological footprint.

Your advantages with the PENSUM Air at a glance

Can be used in a variety of settings
including in hospitals, office buildings, public institutions and industry
Always suitable
for your individual requirements thanks to our four product lines: Basic Cool, Free Cool, Super Silent and Reversible Heat
through the use of the refrigerant R-454B with a low GWP value of 466
High efficiency
especially under partial load, thanks to smart compressors, large condenser surfaces and optional green heat recovery
Safe from the start
with passive and active safety features, additional switch cabinet ventilation, overpressure control and a comprehensive function test before chillers leave the factory
due to schedule programming, various master-slave configurations, remote access; can be integrated in your building management
Perfectly tailored
thanks to numerous options such as integrated hydraulic modules, master-slave operation and glycol collection system

Our PENSUM Air is the ideal solution for office buildings, hospitals and public institutions. All variants are ready to use in their standard configuration and require no additional configuration – but they can be expanded and adapted individually by means of add-ons.’

Rosa Gutarz, Head of Product Management at ENGIE Refrigeration

PENSUM Air: pioneering refrigeration solution for every need

Its unique design and innovative configuration ensure that the PENSUM Air chiller cools efficiently and reliably – while offering plenty of flexibility. Depending on your individual requirements, you can choose specific configuration packages as well as a range of warranty and service options. That is familiar quality from ENGIE.

For a medium-capacity range from 50 to 400 kilowatts, the PENSUM Air is the perfect refrigeration solution for mid-sized office buildings and public institutions such as hospitals.

The four product lines Basic Cool, Free Cool, Super Silent and Reversible Heat, each with up to 18 models, can satisfy any of your construction-related requirements. Each chiller includes the most important specific options as standard and is therefore ready for use upon delivery.

We also offer a wide range of add-ons: Depending on your requirements, you can select specific configuration packages as well as a range of warranty and service options, for example. Please contact us.

Basic Cool
Start cooling immediately – the motto of the Basic Cool. The compact ready-to-use product line convinces in the performance range from 60 to 270 kW. The models are equipped with two compressors on a single circuit – ideal for maximum efficiency under partial loads.

Four compressors on two circuits are used as soon as a refrigeration capacity of 290 to 390 kW is required. This helps you achieve a redundant and efficient system under reduced loads.

Super Silent
Extremely quiet with maximum efficiency: The Super-Silent product line meets strict requirements for low noise emissions. This makes our super-silent version perfect for use in noise-sensitive areas such as hospitals. The product line starts at a capacity of 50 kW.

The lack of noise is achieved through speed control of the fans.

Free Cool
The series is aptly named, as free cooling reduces energy costs and is also climate-friendly. Chillers from the Free Cool line are also soundproofed and therefore excellently suited for use in noise-sensitive areas.

Reversible Heat
Cooling or heating in a single machine? The PENSUM Air heat pump makes it possible. This innovative two-in-one solution offers pleasant cooling in summer and cosy heat in winter. It saves money and protects the environment. All models are especially cost-efficient and quiet.

The PENSUM Air convinces with a sophisticated design and components of outstanding quality:

  1. Housing
    1. Compact housing with easy access thanks to an interior optimised for faster maintenance
    2. Standard colour is Silverline, optionally available in Blackline
  2. Refrigeration circuit
    1. Compressor: The scroll compressors used as standard represent an ideal solution in terms of high performance, low noise emissions and high reliability.
    2. Evaporator: The use of plate heat exchangers enables high performance with minimum refrigerant content
    3. Electronic expansion valve for precise control, reduced line losses and improved operation under partial load
    4. Construction-based A2L refrigerant safety measures, including refrigerant leak sensors, additional switch cabinet ventilation and overpressure control, software management of leak warning messages
    5. Compact condenser for a small footprint, made from copper tubes with aluminium fins, equipped as standard with protective grilles to prevent mechanical interference, optionally available with cataphoresis epoxy coating
  3. Fans
    1. AC fans with phase interface control for optimal air routing and maximum efficiency; optionally available with fans including an EC motor to improve ESEER by up to four per cent
    2. To reduce noise emissions at night, it is possible to set a reduced air flow (night setback)
  4. Control panel
    1. Control panel with a multilingual graphic LCD display for fast diagnostics, easy parameter adjustment; optionally available as an additional control unit for installation in a separate engineering room
  5. Control system
    1. Communication with building control system or remote access possible
    2. Seven different master-slave logics for up to six PENSUM Air chillers
    3. Timer module, night mode or set point setting via 4-20 mA signal
    4. Single operating message for compressor as a comprehensive product support system equipped as standard
    5. Power limitation as standard

All PENSUM Air models use the future-proof refrigerant R-454B, which has a low GWP value of 466. That means it already falls below the average GWP of <500, the value that the F-gas Regulation stipulates from 2030. If you choose a machine with R-454B today, you reduce the impact on the environment by around 78 per cent compared to a machine with the refrigerant R-410A.

Our PENSUM Air adapts to your needs: depending on your individual requirements you can choose from a wide range of configuration options. This includes these highlights:

  • Integrated hydraulic modules and installation equipment
  • Master-slave operation
  • Green heat recovery
  • Glycol collection system

Please contact our experts if you are interested.

Due to its intelligent design principle and the compact design of the plate heat exchangers and scroll compressors, the inside of the PENSUM Air provides enough space for plenty of equipment and numerous hydraulic options.

Ex-works the integrated hydraulic module already contains the most important hydraulic components, such as pump(s) and buffer storage, and is available in various configurations – which saves time and money during commissioning (plug & play).

Installation equipment such as Victaulic couplings speed up installation and make it easy, while a water filter protects the heat exchanger from residues and contamination in the pipes.

Master-slave configurations

A selection of seven different operating modes for master-slave control enables optimal power adjustment and maximum availability for up to six PENSUM Air machines. The configuration of all connected master-slave machines is performed by the master, so no additional control technology is required.

Communication with the building control system (GLT)

The following interfaces are available for integrating the PENSUM Air into the building management system:

  • Serial connection to networks that use the Carel Modbus RTU or LonWorks protocol
  • Ethernet interface (SNMP, Modbus-TCP or BACnet protocol) including online monitoring software with access to the online platform for monitoring and controlling the machine anywhere and at any time


Naturally, we offer other ways to further customise your PENSUM Air and adapt it to your needs. Please contact us.

Heat recovery is an intelligent method for increasing the overall efficiency of the system. It allows the heat discharged by the condenser to be recovered and used for other purposes. Under nominal conditions, it is possible to recover up to 40 per cent of thermal output.

The tried-and-tested safety collection system for glycol in the PENSUM Air not only provides safety in the event of an accident, it also prevents oils and mixtures of water and glycol from being flushed out by rain, for example. The system meets all requirements and can be operated safely and in line with the law from the very beginning.

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