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PENSUM Air in the lab: A chiller secures the future

04 September 2020

In the lab, precise temperature specifications need to be maintained. Even the smallest deviation can quickly affect test results and, in the worst case, make them unusable. A German research lab specialising in infectious diseases is avoiding any risk in this regard. That is why those responsible have ordered a PENSUM Air from ENGIE Refrigeration’s Free Cool product line.

They were won over by several specific properties of this chiller, as product manager Rosa Gutarz reports: ‘Our PENSUM Air Free Cool is especially efficient and eco-friendly. This version is equipped with an integrated free cooling module. Depending on the outside air temperature, the machine switches from compression mode to free cooling or combined operation.’ Free cooling is an efficient, energy-saving operating mode in which the cold ambient air cools down the chilled medium. This saves energy that would be used to operate the compressors. In addition, this PENSUM Air contains the climate-friendly HFO refrigerant R-454B, which has a low GWP (global warming potential) value of 466 – an important advantage in regard to the future requirements of the F-gas Regulation. ‘Thanks to its low GWP value, R-454B lowers carbon emissions enormously in comparison to traditional solutions – by 31 per cent in comparison to R-32, and even by 78 per cent compared to R-410A,’ explains Rosa Gutarz. She continues: ‘By choosing the PENSUM Air chiller, our customer is set up for the long term and has invested in the future.’ Just over half a year ago, in January 2020, the experts at ENGIE Refrigeration completely redesigned the air-cooled PENSUM Air series – and thus set new standards for chillers in medium-capacity ranges.

Operational reliability thanks to a PENSUM chiller

Due to the special characteristics that have been included since, the PENSUM Air chiller is ideally suited for use in mid-sized office buildings and public institutions. So it is hardly surprising that the PENSUM Air fully displays its merits in a large laboratory: Among the positives are, in particular, its low overall weight and extremely low noise levels, as the chiller is installed on the roof of the building. From here, the model, which has a refrigeration capacity of 295 kilowatts, will cool all the lab and office buildings belonging to the institute.

The chiller thus fulfils a central task, as regional sales manager Harald Heyden explains: ‘The PENSUM AIR is an extension of an existing refrigeration system on site, but it will be used as the main machine from now on. For one thing, this will expand the refrigeration capacity. It will also help the research institute to better secure its entire system and minimise the risk of refrigeration supply failure – a decisive added value that can secure our future.’

PENSUM Air: A chiller developed for sensitive environments
ENGIE Refrigeration has many years of experience in sensitive areas of application: QUANTUM and PENSUM chillers are used in medical facilities, the pharma industry and at data centres, for example – to the full satisfaction of customers around the world.

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