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AMONUM chillers

You want an ‘all-round carefree package’? Then the AMONUM is the right chiller for you. With a low refrigerant filling capacity of less than 10 kilograms, the model can be set up universally outside and inside. Its compact housing and sophisticated time-tested safety concept ensure maximum reliability.

The advantages of the AMONUM at a glance

Wide operating temperature range
and thus suitable for many applications
Eco-friendly refrigeration supply
thanks to the natural refrigerant ammonia with excellent thermodynamic properties
Time-tested safety concept
coupled with a compact design for any non-public machine room
due to low installation costs and uncomplicated set-up
with easy-to-remove cladding elements for easy accessibility

‘With our AMONUM, users receive an all-round carefree package: the chiller is compact and therefore flexible in application, eco-friendly and very safe.’

Daniel Keller, Head of Sales & Business Development at ENGIE Refrigeration

AMONUM: safety and maximum efficiency

Ammonia is an important refrigerant: it does not damage the ozone layer, it does not contribute towards global warming, it is cheap and it has a high specific refrigeration capacity. Thanks to its smart design, the AMONUM chiller is of course absolutely safe. This is what contemporary and sustainable refrigeration looks like.

The refrigerant filling capacity is less than ten kilograms and thus conserves important operating materials – while providing maximum energy efficiency.

The benefits of ammonia as a refrigerant:

  • Climate-neutral
  • Low cost
  • High availability
  • Low energy demand for refrigeration
  • Low operating costs
  • High specific refrigeration capacity
  • Can be located immediately due to characteristic odour


We value maximum safety – including when we use ammonia as a refrigerant. Ammonia systems may only be operated by trained personnel. We at ENGIE Refrigeration provide support to you as an operating company in the form of qualified training courses.

The AMONUM chiller is suitable for use in brine applications to -21 degrees Celsius, but also for use in process cooling and climate control up to +16 degrees Celsius. Optimal energy efficiency is of course assured; a speed-controlled piston compressor combined with cylinder bench shut-off ensures ideal power adjustment to the specific refrigeration needs.

Its compact and intelligent design makes the AMONUM chiller suitable for many different on-site requirements.

All the different performance versions have the same housing size: with a footprint of just 2.5 square metres, the AMONUM can be positioned flexibly. In its standard version IP54, the model is already weatherproof and suitable for outdoor installation.

The electrical cabinet is completely integrated in the housing. That means a smaller footprint, so you can conserve your available space.

The AMONUM offers perfect serviceability. All panels can be removed, and all components are easily accessible for service and maintenance work. This saves time and therefore maintenance costs. Due to the use of multiple shut-off valves in the refrigerant circuit, the AMONUM is easy to fill and empty.

Its modular design makes it possible to retrofit additional equipment and further options at any time.

Would you like to learn more about our AMONUM chillers or talk to us directly about various options?

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