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Rental refrigeration for every situation

For many applications, rental refrigeration is the perfect solution. Our powerful QUANTUM Air, PENSUM Air and VENTUM Compact-D 930 MC ensure a secure refrigeration supply when existing systems fail, during temporary demand peaks and during events – and can be dismantled in no time at all when they are no longer needed.

Advantages of our rental refrigeration service at a glance

Quickly ready for use
for individual requirements
Flexible backup
during fluctuating refrigeration needs
High ease of use and easy integration
of our chillers in existing refrigeration systems
Significant cost reduction
in case of faults or outages of existing refrigeration systems
Low rental costs
for the entire usage period

All-round service in one place

Do you need to compensate the failure of your chiller or have increased short-term refrigeration needs? Then our flexible rental refrigeration is right for you. We offer an all-round service from a single source – from professional advice to the professional installation, commissioning and final removal of your rental refrigeration system. As the reliable partner by your side, we will work with you to find the best solution for you – to suit your individual requirements.

Our rental chillers

Quiet, reliable and powerful: with its high energy efficiency the air-cooled QUANTUM Air (Link zur Produktseite) sets new standards in refrigeration technology. Depending on its design, the mobile powerhouse delivers a refrigeration capacity of between 300 and 600 kilowatts. The QUANTUM Air can be used in a wide range of areas, such as data centres, hospitals and office buildings, and it is quiet as a whisper thanks to the Super-Silent package. Due to its sophisticated modular principle, it is light, compact and easy to transport.

The PENSUM Air (Link zur Produktseite) cools efficiently and reliably with a capacity of up to 400 kilowatts – and can be deployed flexibly. The chiller runs on the future-proof refrigerant R-454B with a low GWP value of 466. Thanks to our especially reliable scroll compressors, it can be supplemented with additional pump modules and buffer tanks – perfectly tailored to your individual requirements. A steel frame means it is easy to set up and can be transported by forklift.

For even more power: our pre-installed cooling tower rentals from the VENTUM Compact-D 930 MC (Link zur Produktseite) series generate a refrigeration performance of up to 2,000 kilowatts and feature a robust container frame for fast transport. As a ready-to-connect and corrosion-free cooling tower module, the system can also be operated as a stand-alone re-cooling system and convinces with high ease of use.

Would you like to learn more about rental refrigeration or talk to us about the best option for you?