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Sustainable milk production with efficient cooling and heating

Nothing works in the dairy industry without the right temperature. An exact cooling and heating supply is not only decisive for the quality of the products, but also for the efficiency and climate friendliness of the production. With our thermeco2 high-temperature heat pump, all criteria for future-oriented and sustainable milk production are fulfilled.

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Dairy industry: pinpoint cold and heat as a recipe for success

In food industry, the production of dairy products is considered particularly energy-intensive. There is a high demand for process heat in the production of milk powder, for example, which requires industrial drying processes in the medium temperature range of 100 to 200 degrees Celsius. This is because in order to convert the usually pre-concentrated product into a high-quality powder, it must be evaporated in the hot drying gas streams of a spray dryer. The necessary temperatures are usually generated by burning fossil fuels - the CO2 emissions are correspondingly high. In addition to the generation of heat, the cold water supply plays a central role in industrial milk powder production. To increase the efficiency of a spray tower, for example, the humid supply air to the dryer is dehumidified in summer. Processing of raw milk is just as temperature-sensitive. For the production of UHT milk or ESL milk as well as for pasteurisation, heat treatment processes are used in dairies on a daily basis. This is followed by rapidly cooling the milk to counteract the growth of bacteria. A technical solution that easily masters the balancing act between heat and cold in both production processes and guarantees sustainable milk production is therefore indispensable in dairies.

thermeco2: our all-round talent for any temperature

At ENGIE Refrigeration, we provide the targeted answer for sustainable milk production with thermeco2. Thanks to heat-cold coupling, our high-temperature heat pump unfolds its full potential precisely when heat and cold have to be on the spot at the same time - and thus offers the best conditions for future-oriented, efficient and sustainable milk production. Even large spreads between the cold and the warm side of up to 120 Kelvin are no problem for the thermeco2 thanks to the refrigerant CO2 in one stage.

Sustainable milk production? No worries.

In addition, with the thermeco2 high-temperature heat pump, the dairy industry is approaching climate neutrality in big steps. This is made possible above all by the natural refrigerant CO2, which protects the ozone layer and promises high efficiency values even under extreme operating conditions - and thus ensures sustainable milk production in numerous applications. In terms of economic efficiency, the refrigerant also offers high added value, as it is not subject to any legal restrictions, waste and recycling requirements or availability limitations. In addition, CO2 as a refrigerant guarantees low maintenance requirements. Safety for system operators is also a top priority.


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"Thanks to many years of experience in the food and beverage industry, we know exactly what challenges dairies face and how to master them with confidence. Reliable, efficient and sustainable cooling and heating supply is, after all, our speciality - the more demanding, the better."

Frank Glaser, Key Account Manager Industrial & Commercial Heating bei ENGIE Refrigeration

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