GENIUM refrigeration modules

Refrigeration modules are modular units whose compact size makes them perfect for indoor installation. They are ready for operation as soon as they have been connected to the power supply and chilled medium flows and returns. For you, this means no additional work on site or piping on the module – the refrigeration supply is assured directly.

Your advantages with our GENIUM refrigeration modules

You gain efficiency
An energy-efficient module, ready to operate upon delivery
You save time
Installation is quick and can be performed at the same time as other construction work
You minimise costs
There are few interfaces, and little coordination is required
You are flexible
If you move, your simply take your module along
You get everything from a single source
We are by your side as your partner for maximum energy efficiency

'One invaluable advantage of our GENIUM refrigeration modules is that they are easy to handle. If the space conditions change, a standardised module can simply be repositioned.’

Thomas Wagenhäuser, project manager for cold and chilled water systems at ENGIE Refrigeration

GENIUM refrigeration modules: compact but huge

Whether storage basins, pumps, sand filters, heat exchangers or switch cabinets: all the components of an efficient chiller are installed on a base frame according to the modular principle and are ready for operation upon delivery. The piping for the refrigeration modules can be made from steel, stainless steel or PVC – whatever your needs and requirements.

Everything from a single source

Ready for set-up and provided by a strong partner in the field of energy efficiency: we advise you at eye level and, thanks to numerous projects and the extensive experience of our refrigeration experts, we are familiar with many different applications.

You have full cost control and calculation security at all times, along with maximum transparency.

Our refrigeration modules are designed for indoor installation, and all the units are perfectly coordinated. Would you prefer an entire machine room? Then our GENIUM refrigeration containers (LINK) are the perfect choice.

Our GENIUM refrigeration modules are compact, flexible and efficient.


Would you like to learn more about our GENIUM refrigeration modules or talk to us directly about various options?

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