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We modernise your chiller

Is your refrigeration system outdated? We check your efficiency and return you to the state of the art – with our tried-and-tested retrofit, instrument and control procedures. Modernising your chiller will significantly reduce its energy consumption and carbon emissions. This allows you to lower your operating costs while protecting the environment – in line with our mission of ‘zero carbon transition as a service’.

The advantages of our modernisation service at a glance

Maximum refrigeration capacity
thanks to ultra-modern technologies
Maximum efficiency
with the efficiency check and the optimisation of your refrigeration system
Reduced operating costs
due to efficiency maximisation
Protection of the environment
due to energy and carbon reductions

How energy-efficient is your chiller? We perform an exhaustive efficiency check on your system and advise you on potential savings. We get the maximum performance and efficiency from your refrigeration system through technical optimisation according to the latest performance and energy standards. This will lower your costs for the long term and reduce your ecological footprint.

Our modernisation services at a glance

Your chiller is obsolete but cannot be replaced? Not a problem! With our retrofit procedure we will bring your system up to the standard of a QUANTUM – energy-efficient, powerful, eco-friendly. In the process we will deploy modern QUANTUM turbo-core technologies for high refrigeration capacity, among others. The advantage: you receive innovative technology and can forgo expensive conversion costs. This is because the machine frame of your refrigeration system is retained.

Our retrofit program for cooling towers comprises the thorough refurbishment and the conversion to stepless speed regulation:

  • Refurbishment: During the refurbishment, our engineers remove the interior of your cooling tower. This includes louvres, packing material, nozzles and drift eliminators. The outer hull is retained. It makes sense to refurbish your cooling tower when limescale deposits form or if softeners escape from the installed technology and become porous. If they enter the system they can cause damage to the pumps or plug up the system. We therefore recommend that you perform a refurbishment every six to eight years.
  • Conversion: We convert conventional cooling tower drives to frequency converter drives. This significantly lowers the electricity consumption of your system – and your operating costs. Switching to stepless speed regulation also allows the water temperature to be controlled precisely and maintained at a constant level.

If your refrigeration system is no longer efficient, it will cause unnecessarily high costs during operation. This is often because of obsolete measuring and control technology. Our refrigeration experts examine your system on site and replace your old technology with the latest components.

Would you like to modernise your refrigeration system?