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Our QUANTUM Power has an enormous refrigeration capacity: up to 8,500 kilowatts. This makes the chiller especially suitable for district cooling networks. With high ratings in the megawatt range, the QUANTUM Power demonstrates its energy efficiency – and you benefit from significantly lower energy costs. With a compact and modular design, the chiller can adapt to any requirements.

Your advantages with the QUANTUM Power

Modular design
for ideal serviceability
Compact size
for effective use of the available space
Maximum performance level
with up to 12 turbo compressors
Maximum performance
of up to 8,500 kilowatts

‘District cooling networks are future-oriented. In such networks, multiple consumers are supplied with refrigeration by means of a pipeline system. This is an efficient, space-saving and flexible way to generate refrigeration and distribute it effectively. Another advantage: a district cooling network is continuously monitored, which ensures a constant supply at all times.’


Felipe Ruiz-Guerrero, Head of Sales International at ENGIE Refrigeration


Each QUANTUM has an ideal operating range and corresponding unique features. However, to maximise efficiency, all of our models have several things in common. QUANTUM Power offers you the following advantages:

  • Turbo compressor: Allows full- and partial-load EER.
  • Frequency converter on every compressor: Particularly efficient during part load thanks to continuous power control.
  • Multiple compressor design: Even safer: if one compressor fails, other compressors take over thanks to the redundant design.
  • Oil-free system: Ensures fewer faults and makes oil changes redundant.
  • RefrigerantThe A1 safety refrigerants R-134a, R513A and R-515B are available, as well as the low-GWP refrigerant R-1234ze.

Learn more here about our refrigerants.

  • Flooded tube bundle evaporator and condenser: High-performance finned tubes for optimum heat transfer.
  • Open-flash economizer: The entire refrigeration process is optimised, which generates higher EER values.
  • Durable, high-quality fittings and sensors: Made for a long life, and especially easy to replace.
  • Start-up current of compressors under five amp: No fear of power peaks.
  • Control with Siemens S7 PLC: High-quality control and regulation options provide high-quality industrial standards.
  • Protection class: QUANTUM models have protection against physical contact and protection against spray water.
  • Large range of electrical options: We are happy to discuss customisations to suit your needs.
  • Low emissions of air and structure-borne sound: Compressor technology with magnetic bearings and flow-optimised pipeline routing keeps noise emissions to a minimum during operation.

The QUANTUM Power also has the following special features:

Increased operational reliability:

  • Multiple compressor design connected in parallel
  • Double feeds
  • Use of redundant actuator & sensor systems


Compact shape:

  • Modular design
  • Use of marine water chambers


Excellently accessible for maintenance and service:

  • Gangway between refrigeration and switch cabinet units
  • Marine water chambers with hinges


    Discover our other QUANTUM models:

    The QUANTUM Power can be disassembled into two units – the refrigeration unit and the electronic unit – or into five individual modules: switch cabinet, condenser, evaporator, ECO and compressor frame. The division into refrigeration unit and electronic unit has the advantages that the refrigeration circuit is not opened, and that the work involved during reassembly on site is minimised.

    The modular design also means the following:

    Ideal serviceability

    Due to its flexible modular design and additional gangway between the electronic and refrigeration units, the QUANTUM Power is highly accessible. This means that our service experts can access any point in the machine quickly and easily. This kind of effective maintenance saves time and therefore money.


    Is your space unusual? A modular design solves the problem, as it is easy to install and can be adapted to a wide range of scenarios.

    Easy transport

    The modular design makes the logistics involved significantly easier. This cost point is often underestimated. The money you save on transport could have a significant effect on the amortisation period of the chiller.

    The compact size of the QUANTUM Power is closely linked to its modular design – and it can be transported in a cube container 40 inches in height.

    Low space requirement

    Space is often limited, and is needed for many different purposes – this is especially true in the manufacturing trade, such as the automotive industry and the pharmaceutical industry. The compact and modular design of the QUANTUM Power allows for this fact and therefore saves space.

    Clear machine design

    At first, machine design appears to be a secondary or negligible consideration. However, in practice it often emerges that a clear and discreet design that fits into its environment is beneficial. Unobtrusive and visually non-distracting, the QUANTUM Power integrates itself into its surroundings.

    Due to its modular chiller design, the QUANTUM Power offers high levels of supply reliability, which can compensate for additional redundant chillers. This supply reliability is achieved by means of the following measures:

    • Multiple compressor design connected in parallelUp to twelve compressors arranged in parallel increase the supply reliability of the chiller. The compressors can be replaced individually (equipped with shut-off fittings on the pressure and intake sides). A compressor can be replaced while the other compressors are in operation.
    • Double electrical feedsThe compressors are also supplied with power via two feeds; this means that half of the compressors installed in the QUANTUM Power are assigned to one electrical feed. If one feed were to fail, 50 per cent of the refrigeration capacity of the entire unit would remain available. 
      The supply of control voltage is secured by both feeds.
    • Use of redundant actuator & sensor systemsExpansion valves between the individual pressure stages are provided in duplicate; if one expansion valve fails, most of the performance can be covered by the second valve. Critical components of the sensor system also have a redundant design.

    The performance range of a chiller determines its area of application and efficiency. With up to 8,500 kilowatts and up to twelve turbo compressors, the QUANTUM Power has a very high performance level. This means that the performance must be perfectly scalable – and it is, as the performance range can be adjusted precisely.

    • Maximum energy efficiencyWhen it comes to the megawatt range, the QUANTUM Power demonstrates its full power: it achieves high levels of energy efficiency at these high ratings.
    • Compressor designThanks to its innovative compressor design, the QUANTUM Power achieves high full load and part load EER. At the same time, the turbo machine suffers only minimal internal losses while the ESEER remains at the same constant high value.
    • Comparatively low operating costs: If you operate the QUANTUM Power in a district cooling network, you will benefit in several ways. You save money thanks to the low energy costs in the megawatt range. This has a positive side effect: you can pass your savings on to your end users.

    Projects with QUANTUM chillers

    Would you like to learn more about our QUANTUM Power or talk to us directly about various options?