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MARENUM chiller

Ships require maximum efficiency in the smallest possible space. As one of the leading German providers of refrigeration technology, refrigeration systems and refrigeration services we are well aware of this. Our experts developed the MARENUM chillers for exactly these conditions. Every centimetre counts, along with a stable and reliable supply and maximum refrigeration capacity.

The advantages of the MARENUM at a glance

Stainless steels
for smooth application on the high seas
Reliable operation
due to high-performance finned tubes, a controllable three-way valve and a special evaporator design
Superior technology
thanks to the latest filter technology and innovative measurement and control design
due to a redundant design and multiple compressors
Comprehensive service
with our international service network for fast and competent support

‘On the high seas, our MARENUM chillers ensure a completely smooth refrigeration supply – whether on cruise ships or marine frigates.’

Harald Heyden, Sales Engineer at ENGIE Refrigeration

MARENUM: stays cool even in the smallest spaces

MARENUM: developed for demanding applications on ships. These compact chillers excel thanks to flawless material quality and a high refrigeration capacity in a small area.

The seawater-resistant models are available from refrigeration capacities of 300 kilowatts and offer customisable elements that we can adapt perfectly to the requirements of your ships.

In spite of the compact design with a minimal footprint, you do not need to go without superior technology – the MARENUM has unique features tailored perfectly to use on the high seas:

  • Maximum efficiency: Compact design for high refrigeration capacity with a small footprint
  • Strong to the core: Radial turbo compressors for mains frequencies of 50 or 60 Hz
  • No distraction: Gentle starting behaviour, low sound and vibration
  • Smart control: No reactive current compensation, incremental capacity control
  • Forward-thinking: Latest filter technology and innovative measurement and control design
  • Ideal performance: Power supply of 400 V/50 Hz or 440 V/60 Hz without transformer

Stainless steels that withstand the challenging seawater conditions are just one feature of the MARENUM. Chillers on ships must be highly resilient.

An alloy of copper, nickel and iron for tube sheets and high-performance finned tubes for seawater-cooled condensers ensure that the chiller runs flawlessly and at maximum efficiency on the high seas at all times.

There is no space for mistakes on the high seas. That is why the MARENUM has been optimised for use in seawater conditions and meets the highest safety standards. You thus benefit from maximum energy efficiency and reliable operation at the same time.

The chillers contain high-performance finned tubes for seawater resistance and a controllable three-way valve, which together enable trouble-free operation at seawater temperatures between -2 and +36 degrees Celsius. A redundant design with multiple compressors ensures reliability.

A comprehensive international service network guarantees fast and competent support if something does go wrong.

With us as the partner at your side, you are never on your own.

Not all ships are the same. We at ENGIE Refrigeration know this. That is why the MARENUM is available in two versions, each tailored to a specific area of application:

  • MARENUM CIVIL: for use in civilian shipping, such as ferries, freighters and yachts
  • MARENUM NON CIVIL: for use in non-civilian shipping, such as frigates and patrol ships

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