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PENSUM Air chiller reduces carbon emissions: Zero carbon for the office

11 December 2020

Is it possible to reduce carbon emissions from a chiller by up to 78 per cent? It may sound unrealistic – but the PENSUM Air chiller from ENGIE Refrigeration makes it possible, with the help of refrigerant R-454B. After a full redesign in January 2020, the series now meets the most stringent efficiency and sustainability requirements!

While the QUANTUM Air – which has been the poster child for ENGIE Refrigeration for many years – is mainly used for high-capacity applications in industry and data centres, its ‘little brother’, the air-cooled PENSUM Air, is perfectly designed for medium-capacity ranges from 40 to 400 kilowatts. This applies in particular to mid-sized office buildings, hospitals, schools and public institutions. Since its complete overhaul in early 2020, this chiller has not only been convincing customers with its innovative design and optimised configuration. Above all, the PENSUM Air helps users and operating companies improve their ecological footprint and take an important step towards zero carbon.

Minimal carbon emissions thanks to the PENSUM

In particular, the ENGIE chiller achieves this by using the future-proof and climate-friendly refrigerant R-454B. It has a low GWP (global warming potential) value of 466 and thus already falls below the average GWP of < 500, which will be mandated by the F-gas Regulation from 2030. Thanks to this low GWP value, R-454B lowers carbon emissions enormously in comparison to traditional solutions: by 31 per cent in comparison to R-32, and by an impressive 78 per cent compared to R-410A. As the ODP value of R-454B is zero, it also has no negative impact on the ozone layer. Moreover, its good consumption values mean that the PENSUM naturally meets all the requirements of the Ecodesign Directive for Tier 2, which will apply from 1 January 2021. In short: by choosing a PENSUM Air chiller from ENGIE Refrigeration, operating companies are investing in their future and becoming more sustainable for the long term.

Chiller for maximum efficiency

Whether as a heat pump, with free cooling, super silent or just as a reliable source of refrigeration: the PENSUM AIR is available in four different lines: Reversible Heat, Free Cool, Super Silent and Basic Cool – each with up to 18 models. Since the overhaul, all lines feature a new compressor, which makes the PENSUM even more efficient than its predecessor model, and also gives it high efficiency levels under partial load. This applies in particular to the Super Silent and Free Cool product lines. An important added value for users is that all four basic configurations are equipped as standard with the most essential specific options and are thus ‘ready to use’ when they arrive from the factory. Various add-ons are also available: from specific configuration packages to a range of warranty and service options. This allows the PENSUM Air chiller to be adapted perfectly to the needs of each customer – and to provide excellent efficiency values wherever it is deployed, thus reducing energy costs and contributing towards greater sustainability in refrigeration.

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