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QUANTUM with Green Heat Recovery

We specialise in chillers that can utilise waste heat. In line with our strategy of ‘zero carbon transition as a service’, they are among our products that will assist you on your path to climate neutrality. The models in our QUANTUM series with optional heat recovery (green heat recovery) achieve this perfectly – whether they are water-cooled or air-cooled.

Your advantages with the QUANTUM with green heat recovery

You use the waste heat generated during refrigeration for heating
Whether hospital, data centre or producing company – QUANTUM meets your requirements
2-in-1 solution
One machine, two options: warm in winter, cool in summer – what more could one ask for?
State funding
Heat recovery protects the environment and is subsidised

‘With our QUANTUM chillers with green heat recovery, operating companies save money in multiple ways: first, they lower investment costs for additional heat-generating subsections or even make them entirely unnecessary. Second, the overall efficiency of the chiller is improved by utilising the waste heat from the refrigeration process.’

Markus Enzensperger, Sales Engineer at ENGIE Refrigeration

QUANTUM with green heat recovery

Benefit from high-end technology: our QUANTUM Water is the most efficient water-cooled chiller series on the market.

Pure innovation
With the QUANTUM Water you benefit from an innovative combination of technological components that has never existed in this form before. Forty-seven different models in total are available for various requirements; thanks to their smart modular design, they can fully meet your individual needs. Ultra-modern inner tube technology ensures an excellent heat transfer performance and an especially high level of efficiency with a low input of materials.

Tried-and-tested switch cabinet technology made in Germany
When it comes to the intelligent control and regulation of the machine, we rely on the tried-and-tested regulation strategy from our QUANTUM Air series. As a result, the latest QUANTUM Water is even more efficient than its predecessor models, especially under partial load. This can significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

Smart control
You want even more ease of use? Perfect! That’s exactly what this chiller offers. The QUANTUM Water is built for the future. For this reason, the chiller no longer needs to be operated on an integrated touch panel at a defined location on the machine; instead, it can be controlled via a smart control interface (web-based visualisation) – for example, by simply using a tablet and a Wi-Fi connection.

Maximum safety with four refrigerants
Choose between the refrigerants R-515B, R-134a, R-513A and R-1234ze. And regardless of which refrigerant you choose: all QUANTUM Water chillers require a smaller quantity of refrigerant than the predecessor series – another added benefit for greater sustainability.

Full power
The new QUANTUM Water is a real powerhouse: the best match of all QUANTUM compressors available on the market ensures maximum performance. All in all, the QUANTUM Water models cover the full spectrum of different capacities, from 200 kilowatts to four megawatts

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Our air-cooled QUANTUM Air model series is available with optional heat recovery – we call it green heat recovery. A special GHR condenser can turn some or all of the waste heat into usable heat. The QUANTUM Air with green heat recovery thus covers a range of cooling medium temperatures from 30 to 50 degrees Celsius.

We at ENGIE Refrigeration are the only company in the world to offer this unique selling point in an air-cooled series.

Compact with a strong performance

With a performance range between 250 kilowatts and two megawatts, the QUANTUM Air with green heat recovery leaves nothing to be desired and makes an attractive choice for many different industries and requirements.

The icing on the cake is its low operational weight; the current model, which was completely redesigned in 2019, also has a footprint that is 10 per cent smaller than that of its predecessor.

Highly efficient and silent as a whisper
Our standard: oil-free compressor, contact-free magnetic bearing, gentle starting behaviour, low noise and vibration levels, and high reliability This ensures maximum efficiency. However, the 28 models in the current generation offer even more benefits. The condenser equipped as standard is already very quiet; as an option, you can also purchase our QUANTUM Air with green heat recovery with the Supersilent package. This is a real advantage, especially in noise-sensitive environments such as hospitals and office buildings.

Maximum efficiency in the use of operating fluids
Our specialists have developed a way to significantly reduce the refrigerant capacity of the QUANTUM Air – regardless of the chosen refrigerant. You can choose between R-515B, R-134a, R-513A and R-1234ze.

Perfect serviceability
All QUANTUM Air models are based on a sophisticated modular design. What does this mean for you? You benefit from short delivery times, and the design makes maintenance easier for our service engineers. This saves time and money.

Optional modules

We offer numerous additional modules for the QUANTUM Air with green heat recovery. They include, among others preconfigured hydraulic modules!

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Utilise waste heat and increase energy efficiency: our QUANTUM with green heat recovery makes it possible!

Would you like to learn more about the QUANTUM with green heat recovery?