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Concentrated expertise for QUANTUM Water

28 June 2021

‘We at ENGIE Refrigeration have a clear ambition: we want to offer the highest-quality, most efficient and most sustainable chillers in the world. To secure this high standard, we are always redeveloping our machines – and continue to set new benchmarks on the international refrigeration market. The collective expertise of our team, and experience from almost 20 years of refrigeration with the existing QUANTUM models, are now being applied to the redesigned QUANTUM Water series. Thanks to its special features, the series not only meets today’s requirements for refrigeration technology, but also those of the future. And this shows that ENGIE Refrigeration is consolidating its pioneering role on the international refrigeration market.’
Jochen Hornung, CEO

‘The efficiency and sustainability of a refrigeration system are becoming increasingly important. We are catering to these developments with the new design of our water-cooled QUANTUM series. The QUANTUM Water is currently the most efficient water-cooled chiller series on the market – and high efficiency leads to high levels of sustainability. This is an aspect that ENGIE has been focussing on for a long time. Throughout the Group, we are using our ‘zero carbon transition as a service’ strategy to pursue our objective: to assist our customers on their path to climate neutrality with low-carbon technologies and services. We are making an important contribution to this aim with the QUANTUM Water.’
Daniel Keller, Head of Sales Support & Product Management

‘Exploiting the opportunities of digitalisation is part of the ENGIE Refrigeration business strategy. To achieve this aim, we connect technologies in intelligent fashion and continue to develop new and pioneering features for our customers. And the QUANTUM Water also features an innovation for the refrigeration industry: for the first time, the chiller no longer needs to be operated on an integrated touch panel at a defined location on the machine; instead, it can be controlled easily on a tablet via smart control. This improves ease of operation for users – and makes the QUANTUM Water the most innovative chiller of its kind currently on the market. I am proud to be part of the team that is launching this new feature on the market.’
Tatiana Köhler, Head of Marketing and Communication

‘Users and operators have seen their needs and expectations of a refrigeration supply change over the last few years. That’s the reason we redesigned our QUANTUM Air in 2018 with a modular system and a smart regulation strategy; both these things have gone down very well on the national and international markets. And that is why we are now transferring these properties to our water-cooled QUANTUM series. This is how we help our customers meet the most stringent economic and ecological requirements for their refrigeration supply.’
Felipe Ruiz-Guerrero, International Sales Engineer

‘Our QUANTUM Water is a real powerhouse: the best match among currently available QUANTUM compressors helps us achieve maximum performance. All in all, the models cover a broad spectrum from 200 kilowatts to 4 megawatts. This makes the chiller suitable for use in a great many industries: examples include the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, vehicle manufacturers and automotive suppliers, and industrial production. The QUANTUM Water is perfect for data centres, as its specific machine concept (chilled water output temperatures >20 °C) perfectly meets the requirements there. Our customers thus benefit from an excellent environmental balance, high energy efficiency and absolute reliability.’
Jürgen Martin, Key Account Manager for Data Centers

The facts at a glance

47 models
4 refrigerants R-515B, R-134a, R-513A und R-1234ze

  • -7,300.00 € electricity costs compared to the predecessor model*
  • -20 t CO2 emmissions compared to the predecessor model*
  • -20 % refrigerant filling capacity [kg] compared to the predecessor model**

* (Average value of all available models at full load operation with 8,760 operating hours/year)
** (Average value of all available models)

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