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GENIUM container

Supply containers offer many advantages. With integrated safety devices and their own ventilation, heating and lighting, as well as their intelligent design, refrigeration containers are energy-efficient and space-saving, which also makes them easy to transport. The GENIUM container reaches you in fully equipped state.

The advantages of the GENIUM at a glance

Easy to adapt
to your individual requirements
Space-saving and fully equipped
the GENIUM replaces a machine room with all the safety devices required for application
Can be set up almost anywhere
easily and efficiently outside a building
Flexible application
when conditions change, the container can simply be moved
Less bureaucracy
is required, as the GENIUM can usually be put in place without elaborate construction approval processes

‘Everything from a single source and fully installed: our GENIUM refrigeration containers are the ideal solution for anyone seeking a compact and reliable refrigeration solution.’

Mirko Steyh, Head of  Service Germany South / International

GENIUM: space-saving refrigeration containers for maximum efficiency

The GENIUM corresponds to a machine room with all the safety devices required for application. For you, this means that our refrigeration containers reduce expenditure on electrical and hydraulic connection to the on-site system periphery.

A separate machine room is no longer required, and you can use the space you have saved for other things. GENIUM has a small footprint and can be set up almost anywhere outside the building.

In addition, container systems can serve as a substructure for re-cooling systems. This means there is no need for additional frames for cooling towers.

Every on-site requirement is unique and presents its very own challenges. The GENIUM solves multiple situations at once. Its compact design allows flexible installation.

Another important factor: the container system can usually be set up without an elaborate construction approval process. This reduces administrative effort – and thus saves you valuable time.

Situations can change quickly in today’s fast-moving environment. Places that used to offer generous utility spaces suddenly reduce the available space – for a variety of reasons, such as conversion, for example.

The GENIUM then offers the huge advantage in that it is easy and flexible to deploy. The closed system in the container can be moved quickly and easily; during the process, the container also provides direct protection for the chilled water system.

Discover our GENIUM refrigeration container

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