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Fewer carbon emissions – simultaneous cooling and heating

Would you like to lower your operating costs and protect the environment? Our water/water heat pumps make it possible to generate warm water and chilled water with just one machine. While you used to need a boiler house, a chiller and a cooling tower, you now need only our heat pumps, which provide heating and refrigeration in a single device and allow both functions to be used simultaneously.

How you benefit from our most efficient solutions

Less fuel
You conserve conventional energy sources such as gas and oil, which makes you less dependent on rising fuel prices.
Reduced carbon emissions
You improve your ecological footprint by conserving fossil fuels.
Lower energy costs
Simultaneous heating and refrigeration allows you to perfectly utilise the deployed primary energy and thus sustainably reduce your energy costs.
Lower investment costs
A water/water heat pump replaces multiple devices in the required infrastructure.
Short amortisation period
Thanks to lower operating costs, the heat pump amortises within a few years.
Less space required
You save valuable space because you now need only one machine.
Low maintenance
DLess complexity and fewer systems mean less maintenance for you.

One machine, one statement: hot and chilled water from a single device

Depending on the orientation of the building, the time of year, and your requirements, hotels and office complexes can sometimes need cooling and heating for different rooms at the same time. Another example: the production department of an industrial company requires chilled water for process cooling, while the neighbouring administration department needs service water.

Traditionally, an oil/gas burner would generate warm and hot water in these cases. Chilled water is generated by conventional chillers, and cooling towers release the resulting waste heat into the environment. A complex process that results in high gas and electricity costs and also requires additional investment in the preparation of warm/hot water. This is not necessary.

Our water/water heat pump generates hot and chilled water in a single machine, and it does so while providing a greater overall output and perfectly utilising the deployed primary energy. Wherever there is a high demand for heat and cold, our machine unfolds its full potential.

For you, this means unbeatable energy efficiency, lower operating costs and reduced carbon emissions.

Our thermeco2 at a glance

What thermeco2 offers you:

  • Planning and investment security thanks to the climate-neutral and natural refrigerant CO2
  • Combines stability, compact design and high-end technology components into a robust industrial design solution
  • Eligible for subsidies in various categories
  • Quality made in Germany


Experience the thermeco2 high-temperature heat pump

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