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Heat recovery: Eco-friendly and economical

Waste heat is generated whenever companies use refrigeration on an industrial scale. This waste heat is often lost, even though it would be perfect for heating. We offer refrigeration technology solutions that make waste heat utilisation possible – at ENGIE Refrigeration we call this energy recycling. It enables to you utilise the generated waste heat in an eco-friendly and economical manner.

‘Heat recovery is more than just hot air: over the service life of a system, even minor energy savings can lower operating costs by several hundred thousand euros. At the same time, saving energy always means avoiding carbon emissions. The actual reduction in CO2 depends on the proportion of heat recovery. Companies can thus considerably improve the sustainability of their buildings and production chain.’

Markus Enzensperger, Sales Engineer at ENGIE Refrigeration

The benefits of heat recovery

2-in-1 solution
Cosy in winter and cooling in summer – chillers with heat recovery are real all-rounders.
Heat recovery protects the environment and is therefore promoted with attractive subsidies.
You save money
The coefficient of performance of the chiller is increased, and no separate heating system is required.
Many applications
For producing companies, data centres, hospitals and hotels: heat recovery is worth it.

Chillers with heat recovery

The QUANTUM Water is the latest stroke of genius from ENGIE Refrigeration. Equipped with the latest innovative technology, it is currently the most efficient water-cooled chiller on the refrigeration market.

The twin condenser allows additional heat to be extracted from the refrigeration process and used for heating to 65 degrees Celsius with TGH, and otherwise to 55 degrees Celsius.

You can learn more about our QUANTUM Water model series HERE

Our air-cooled QUANTUM Air series is available with green heat recovery (GHR). A special GHR condenser can turn some or all of the waste heat into usable heat. The QUANTUM Air with GHR thus covers a range of cooling medium temperatures from 30 to 50 degrees Celsius.

We at ENGIE Refrigeration are the only company in the world to offer this unique selling point in an air-cooled series.

And one thing is for sure: we will build on this advantage.

You can learn more about our QUANTUM Air with Green Heat Recovery HERE!

The AMONUM does not just provide safe, reliable, cost-saving and efficient cooling; when used as a heat pump, the AMONUM is suitable for a whole range of other applications. It can be used for brine applications down to -21 degrees Celsius, but it also covers process cooling and climate control up to +16 degrees Celsius. And, as if that were not enough, it reaches up to +53 degrees Celsius as a heat pump, which is usually sufficient for many applications.

You can learn more about our AMONUM model series HERE!

We offer our air-cooled PENSUM Air series with Green Heat Recovery (GHR). A special hot gas desuperheater can provide a proportional waste heat as usable heat. It is directly integrated in the compressor pressure gas line of the chiller and uses the high hot gas temperatures to deliver high service water temperatures.
The Pensum Air with GHR thus covers a spectrum of condenser leaving temperatures of up to 45 degrees Celsius.

You can learn more about our PENSUM model series HERE.


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