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Drinking water heating

Hygiene requirements for drinking water treatment are increasing – along with expectations for heat generators. After all, they have to provide the right temperature not just for spaces, but also for drinking water tanks in large-scale buildings. No problem for our large heat pumps: the SPECTRUM Water and the thermeco2 handle both tasks with maximum efficiency – hygienic safety included.

Your benefits from our heating solutions

Maximum hygiene
Building owners fully comply with the hygiene standards for drinking water treatment.
Optimum efficiency
Users save money on operating costs thanks to outstanding COP values.
Our eco-friendly refrigerants pave the way for customers to a climate-neutral future.
Economic independence
Companies operating machines free themselves from fossil fuels and thus from rising prices.
State funding
Additional benefit for ENGIE customers replacing fossil heat generators: the BAFA will assume up to 40 percent of the costs eligible for funding.

“Drinking water temperature is a hot topic in the building sector. It has a huge effect on comfort and heating costs, but also on hygienic safety. Thanks to the advanced technology of our products, customers no longer need to compromise. We promise that warm water treatment with our heat pumps functions in an efficient, eco-friendly and hygienically clean manner, even in the high-capacity range.”

Marcel Kulk, Product Manager at ENGIE Refrigeration

Free yourself from concerns about hygiene – with heating solutions from ENGIE Refrigeration

When it comes to hygienically clean drinking water treatment, the motto is: it comes down to the right temperature. Especially in large-scale buildings such as hospitals, office complexes, hotels and shopping malls, efficient drinking water heating is essential in meeting strict hygiene regulations. If temperatures in water tanks are too low, legionella and other bacteria can develop and spread more easily. To help the companies operating the machines to reliably eliminate this health risk, guideline DVGW-W551 stipulates that large systems with warm water tanks exceeding a capacity of 400 litres must be heated to at least 60 degrees Celsius once a day.

The German drinking water ordinance (TrinkwV) refers to the DVGW worksheet as the recognised state of technology. The TrinkwV is very clear: hygienic safety is more important than system efficiency. However, as efficient use of energy is becoming increasingly important in the face of rising energy prices and dwindling resources, the choice of the right heating system is also becoming ever more important.

Impeccable hygiene and high efficiency: essential to drinking water heating

So why compromise? With the heating solutions from ENGIE Refrigeration, there is no either/or. Our powerful SPECTRUM Water and thermeco2 large heat pumps guarantee both complete hygienic safety and optimum system efficiency. They also run entirely without fossil fuels and promote the transition to climate neutrality with eco-friendly refrigerants.

As a result, operating companies are perfectly prepared for current and future challenges – and also benefit from attractive BAFA subsidies. What more could you want? 


Efficient drinking water heating: our solutions at a glance

Our SPECTRUM Water heat pump is a safe choice for hygienically safe drinking water treatment. In monovalent operation, it reaches condenser leaving water temperatures of up to +65 degrees Celsius with above-average efficiency values (COP) – which means expensive additional heaters for normal day-to-day operations are a thing of the past, or can at least be considerably smaller.

Companies who power the compressor with renewable energy sources benefit both from lower greenhouse gas emissions and from minimised operating costs. An additional benefit: the SPECTRUM Water requires no synthetic lubricant oils and thus makes a significant contribution to the protection of groundwater.

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The thermeco2 high-temperature heat pump from ENGIE Refrigeration is especially convincing at challenging temperature ranges. Thanks to high condenser leaving water temperatures of up to +90 degrees Celsius, it removes legionella extremely quickly – and it does so with complete reliability, and without additional heating from a gas burner or heating element.

In addition, the thermeco2 utilises the natural refrigerant CO2, which is not just eco-friendly, but also unbeatable in terms of price. In short: the thermeco2 is safe, economical and climate-friendly. This means our high-temperature heat pump meets all the criteria for efficient drinking water treatment.

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