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Refrigeration containers: a turnkey “home” for chillers

13 April 2021

GENIUM heat & refrigeration containers offer many advantages. These include integrated safety equipment, ventilation, heating, lighting, and highly flexible transport characteristics. We present the design and equipment of GENIUM containers in detail.

Advantages of an energy-efficient modular hot & cold water system

Modular hot & cold water systems in a compact design impress with numerous advantages.  Not only can such container systems ensure a smooth supply of heat and refrigeration, they can also be adapted easily to individual requirements. They have a small set-up footprint, for example, and can be set up flexibly almost anywhere outside a building. GENIUM containers are designed like machine rooms with all the safety equipment required for their use; this reduces the work that the customer has to do to connect the system electrically and hydraulically to the building’s system periphery. This means there is no need for a machine room in the spaces to be supplied with heat and refrigeration, thus focus can be placed on the actual intended purpose of those spaces. Container systems also function as a foundation for re-cooling systems. This means there is no need for additional frames for cooling towers.
In addition, container systems do not usually involve complex construction permit procedures. Interfaces have been reduced to a minimum, thus reducing administrative effort.

Containers are easy to transport

Container systems have another huge advantage: they are fairly easy to handle. As soon as spatial conditions change, i.e. because of rebuilding at the company, the cold water system in the container can be repositioned as a self-contained system. The container functions as transport packaging and protects the system from harmful environmental influences. The design is energy-efficient and saves space.

Experience GENIUM containers from ENGIE Refrigeration

The Amonum in container format – protective and space-saving

The Amonum chiller from ENGIE made its debut in the market in 2013 and runs on ammonia, an eco-friendly refrigerant. The Amonum series impresses with, among other things, a speed-controlled piston compressor and an innovative evaporation system. Stepless speed control allows the refrigeration capacity of the Amonum to be adapted to refrigeration requirements while retaining maximum energy efficiency. Ammonia is considered an eco-friendly refrigerant, but the safety requirements for running ammonia chillers are relatively strict. This can scare off interested parties. When the Amonum is integrated in a container, it becomes a turnkey refrigeration solution that meets the safety requirements and reduces effort for the operating company to a minimum, because all necessary components are combined in one place.

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