We think in solutions – that is what we do. And the QUANTUM Split series with the QUANTUM S and the QUANTUM GS proves it. These machines come into their own when things get complex: as soon as the waste heat generated during refrigeration cannot remain in the building or be utilised – and a water-cooled chiller cannot be deployed as an alternative.

Your advantages with our QUANTUM models

Maximum efficiency
thanks to ultra-modern technology in all our QUANTUM chillers
thanks to low noise emissions and gentle vibration
with separable machine components for an efficient use of space
and adapts to your individual requirements
Maintenance-friendly and reliable
with the help of our international service network for fast and competent support

‘Our QUANTUM Split series is the perfect solution for complex spatial situations where a water-cooled chiller cannot be used. With their separable components, the QUANTUM S and the QUANTUM GS are true all-rounders – and sometimes they have saved the situation when no other alternative could be found.’

Silko Wendling, Sales Engineer at ENGIE Refrigeration


As different as our QUANTUM models are, they do have some things in common:

  • Turbo compressor: Allows full- and partial-load EER.
  • Frequency converter on every compressor: Particularly efficient during part load thanks to continuous power control.
  • Multiple compressor design: Even safer - if one compressor fails, other compressors take over thanks to the redundant design.
  • Oil-free system: Ensures fewer faults and makes oil changes redundant.
  • RefrigerantThe A1 safety refrigerants R-134a, R513A and R-515B are available, as well as the low-GWP refrigerant R-1234ze.

Learn more here about our refrigerants.

  • Flooded tube bundle evaporator: High-performance finned tubes for optimum heat transfer.
  • Durable, high-quality fittings and sensors: Made for a long life, and especially easy to replace.
  • Start-up current of compressors under five amp: No fear of power peaks.
  • Control with Siemens S7 PLC: High-quality control and regulation options provide high-quality industrial standards.
  • Protection class: QUANTUM models have protection against physical contact and protection against spray water.
  • Large range of electrical options: We are happy to discuss customisations to suit your needs.
  • Low emissions of air and structure-borne soundCompressor technology with magnetic bearings and flow-optimised pipeline routing keeps noise emissions to a minimum during operation.


Discover our other QUANTUM models:


Do you need to use air for re-cooling?

Where limited roof capacities or corrosive ambient air make the installation of an air-cooled compact machine impossible, the QUANTUM S comes into its own.

Our refrigeration specialists focus on your needs and build an efficient overall system with the separated QUANTUM S chiller.

This is the QUANTUM S:

  • Indoor machine unit, outdoor condenser
  • With a capacity range of 300 to 3,500 kilowatts
  • Fully adapted to your requirements
  • Air-cooled

The truly special thing about the QUANTUM GS is that the chiller is operated with the eco-friendly refrigerant R-1234ze. Just like its relative, the QUANTUM S, the GS can be split into a machine unit and a re-cooling system if necessary.

The chiller thus adapts to any spatial conditions and needs no pumps for re-cooling. This makes the QUANTUM GS an especially attractive choice for complex and restricted spatial situations, while it also represents an environmentally sound use of resources.

This is the QUANTUM GS:

  • Indoor machine unit, outdoor condenser
  • With a capacity range of 300 to 3,500 kilowatts
  • Fully adapted to your requirements
  • Air-cooled
  • Very small ecological footprint
  • Refrigerant R-1234ze with GWP below 1

Projects with QUANTUM chillers

Would you like to learn more about our QUANTUM Split or talk to us directly about various options?