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Chillers and heat pumps par excellence: the symbolic power of our new corporate visual

08 September 2023

Excellence in cooling and heating - with high-quality and sustainable chillers and heat pumps, we at ENGIE Refrigeration have been fulfilling this claim for many years. Our goal: to pave the way for climate neutrality, sustainability and efficiency for our customers in both the cooling and heating sectors. Our comprehensive expertise and competence are now visually reflected in a new corporate visual. This combines the symbolism for cold (snowflake) and warmth (sun) in an expressive way. The split colour scheme in blue and red additionally emphasises the diversity of our product portfolio and our best practices for cold and warmth and reinforces the recognisability of our company. In future, the visual will set strong accents on all communication materials and at all touchpoints.

Pioneer in efficient chillers

The fact that we are shaping the international market today in equal measure in the field of refrigeration and heating makes us proud. Because this shows all the more the enormous development ENGIE Refrigeration has undergone in recent years. The history of our company began with a clear focus on refrigeration solutions. A significant contribution to the success story in the refrigeration segment is made by our air-cooled and water-cooled QUANTUM chillers. Of these, more than 4,600 units are currently in use in a wide range of applications, of which around 3,650 are water-cooled and around 1,000 air-cooled models (as of June 2023). And not without reason: our QUANTUM Water, for example, has established itself as the most efficient water-cooled chiller series on the market.

Cool head in all applications

Our SPECTRUM Water, the only water-cooled chiller with oil-free high-lift turbo compressors on the market that is ready for series production in its performance class, also hits a nerve. It meets complex requirements in the food and beverage industry as well as in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors with outstanding cooling capacities and low refrigerant outlet temperatures. Meanwhile, our air-cooled PENSUM series helps operators of office buildings, hospitals and public facilities to improve their ecological footprint. Our PENSUM SPF chillers score points for customisability and maximum efficiency. In addition, the AMONUM series with the natural refrigerant ammonia has complemented our portfolio since 2014, impressing above all with its flexibility, compactness, operational safety and reliability. The MARENUM chillers master the demanding operation on ships and round off our range in the refrigeration sector.

Mastering the energy transition with heat pumps

We have been offering the perfect complement to our existing refrigeration portfolio since 2018, when ENGIE Refrigeration took over the CO2 high-temperature heat pump segment with the thermeco2 from Hafner-Muschler Kälte- und Klimatechnik, marking another important milestone in the company's history. Since 2022, with the launch of the oil-free SPECTRUM Water large-scale heat pump, we have been supplying a highly efficient solution for successfully managing the heat transition. The QUANTUM chiller with optional heat recovery (Green Heat Recovery) additionally pays into the "Zero Carbon Transition as a Service" strategy. AMONUM also uses the principle of heat recovery and unfolds its potential particularly in the food and chemical manufacturing industries. Finally, PENSUM Air Reversible Heat provides heating and cooling with just one system - and offers high environmental friendliness at low acquisition costs.

New standards for cooling and heating

The fact that our chillers and heat pumps are already doing impressive work individually is proven, for example, by our SPECTRUM water heat pump with its 100 per cent renewable and CO2-neutral heat supply for a neighbourhood near Bordeaux. Or our QUANTUM water chiller, which ensures the optimum temperature in a hospital in Bavaria. In combination, our cooling and heating solutions also set completely new standards. This is demonstrated, among other things, by our QUANTUM and SPECTRUM series in an extensive project that claims the cooling and heating supply for ten data centres in Germany's conurbations. In short: it pays off in more ways than one to have full command of two disciplines at once - this is what we stand for with our excellent product portfolio and our new corporate visual. And this is just the beginning: our customers can look forward to many more innovative chillers and heat pumps in the future, which will contribute to our strategic orientation.

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