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Refrigeration at the highest level: QUANTUM excels in hospitals’

24 June 2022

Without a doubt, hospitals cannot run without completely reliable refrigeration. This is partly because patients depend on a pleasant room climate for their recovery and well-being. But precise temperature control is also essential if sensitive medical devices are to function smoothly – whether they are in operating theatres, intensive care units or involved in the supply of sterile goods. Günter Probst, sales engineer at ENGIE Refrigeration, is very familiar with the exacting standards that a refrigeration supply must meet: ‘Hospitals and clinics are some of the most sensitive application areas. After all, it’s about people’s health – and, in the worst case, about life and death. That is why the operational reliability of refrigeration technology is a top priority.’ In addition, chillers need to be integrated unobtrusively in hospital buildings, have extremely low noise levels in operation – and operate as efficiently and sustainably as possible. In short, a whole bundle of different requirements that the refrigeration supply needs to meet in reliable fashion.

A perfect climate for patients and technology

A clinic in Bavaria was recently facing this very challenge. The institution has enough beds for about 540 patients. To create a healthy climate for these patients, the clinic now relies on ENGIE Refrigeration. Or, more precisely, on two QUANTUM Water chillers with the refrigerant R-1234ze and a total refrigeration capacity of 1,390 kilowatts. Even though the ENGIE Refrigeration team has completed more than 150 projects at hospitals, clinics and medical facilities around the world – from Schoen Clinic Vogtareuth in Germany to Liverpool Hospital in Australia – this project was rather special for the refrigeration and heating experts. Bernd Heine reports: ‘The clinic in Bavaria is one of the first places to deploy our redesigned QUANTUM Water. Of course it’s always special for us to see how reliably our models prove themselves in operation.’

Reliable, quiet, efficient: QUANTUM in hospitals

The QUANTUM Water certainly lives up to this standard. While the innovative combination of technological components and new digital features allows the machine to operate smoothly, the most suitable of all the QUANTUM compressors available on the market guarantees high performance levels. The model also features low sound and vibration levels, and is cost-effective to run – aspects that are especially important to hospitals. In addition, the QUANTUM Water is the most efficient water-cooled chiller series on the market. Günter Probst explains: ‘Energy efficiency and sustainability are becoming increasingly important for hospitals – not just in Germany, but all over the world. With our QUANTUM Water, we support our customers on their path to climate neutrality and are thus preparing the refrigeration supply of hospitals and clinics for the future.’ The clinic in Bavaria will now benefit in this way – while helping its patients heal quickly.

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