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QUANTUM Air: the most powerful air-cooled chiller on the market

24 June 2019

QUANTUM Air chillers are highly efficient and sustainable refrigeration solutions for many industries. And the new generation of air-cooled chillers now offers even more: the overhauled models are suitable for applications from 250 kilowatts to 2 megawatts. This makes them even more powerful than their predecessor, and the most powerful solution on the international market for air-cooled chillers with magnetic-bearing compressor technology. The new QUANTUM Air models are available worldwide from 24 July 2019.

Even more efficient: the new generation of air-cooled chillers

“The overhauled QUANTUM Air chillers are our reaction to changed customer requirements,” says Jochen Hornung. The CEO of ENGIE Refrigeration knows that demands relating to refrigeration have changed in recent years. More power and more efficiency, for example, have become ever more important. That is why ENGIE Refrigeration spent a whole year working on the new version. The new QUANTUM Air is the right answer to contemporary customer requirements: “With the QUANTUM Air chiller, we at ENGIE Refrigeration are living up to our aspiration to offer the highest-quality, most efficient and most durable chillers. This gives us a pioneering role in the refrigeration industry,” explains Jochen Hornung.

The new models at a glance

In total, 28 new QUANTUM Air models hit the market at the end of July. 14 of these machines are operated with the refrigerant R-1234ze. The other half runs on the refrigerants R-134a and R-513A. With a refrigeration capacity of up to 2 megawatts, the air-cooled chillers are especially powerful and also highly efficient. The refrigerant filling quantity has been reduced, making operation particularly economic and of course sustainable.

The new QUANTUM Air models are very quiet: the new Supersilent package ensures they are as quiet as a whisper, which is a major advantage especially for noise-sensitive applications in hospitals or office buildings, for example. We have also integrated many new parts and material components. The machines are smaller and lighter than previous series. This makes them particularly easy to transport and reduces delivery times. It is also easy for our technicians to access the interior of the chiller, which means we can perform maintenance work even more efficiently

Facts & figures

  • 28 models
  • 3 refrigerants: R-1234ze, R-134a or R-513A
  • –20% refrigerant charge [kg]
  • –20% operating weight [kg]
  • –10% footprint [m²]
  • –10% CO2 footprint (TEWI value* [kg CO2])

*The TEWI value is a reference value for assessing the impact of an overall system on the greenhouse climate (CO2 footprint). The TEWI value takes into account both direct and indirect CO2 emissions from the chiller during operation.

The data are mean values for the entire model series.

Air-cooled chillers: tried and tested quality from ENGIE Refrigeration

Companies that choose the new QUANTUM Air chillers benefit from unprecedented advantages. They also benefit from all the previous features of the QUANTUM Air series. These include:

  • Maximum energy efficiency
  • Economic operation thanks to the oil-free compressor
  • Modern contact-free magnetic bearing
  • Gentle starting behaviour
  • Low noise emissions and vibrations
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • High level of operational reliability
The new QUANTUM Air: even more efficient!

Continuous innovation at ENGIE Refrigeration

Our new air-cooled chillers will be used in many sectors of the economy. Automotive manufacturers and suppliers, chemicals and pharmaceuticals companies and data centres, for example, can benefit from climate control that is always optimal, environmentally friendly and cost efficient. By the way: the air-cooled QUANTUM Air chillers are not the only chillers we have overhauled. Next year we will launch a new generation of the water-cooled QUANTUM chillers. Keep an eye out to stay on the ball!

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