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Why chillers with heat recovery are a worthwhile investment for businesses

24 September 2021

From producing companies and data centres to hospitals and hotels: wherever companies use refrigeration on an industrial scale, they produce valuable waste heat. Anyone who utilises this waste heat saves energy, lowers operating costs and protects the environment – a real win-win-win situation. With its smart chillers with heat recovery, ENGIE Refrigeration assists businesses on their path to greater efficiency and sustainability.

Many companies do not utilise their waste heat. This is a shame, as heat is required in a range of different processes, among them industrial production, building heating, and warm water supply. Far too often, companies use another method to generate the heat they require for these processes. And yet the waste heat gained from refrigeration, for example, can heat an entire housing block.

Energy recycling as a smart solution

Heat recovery is a smarter solution, because it simply recycles waste heat. This is beneficial in several ways: using waste heat from the refrigeration process improves the overall efficiency of the chiller while reducing businesses’ energy costs. Refrigeration expert Markus Enzensperger, responsible for sales in the South/Munich region at ENGIE Refrigeration, explains: ‘Over the service life of a system, even minor energy savings can lower operating costs by several hundred thousand euros.’ Investments in additional heat generation systems can be reduced or even made entirely superfluous by heat recovery.

Smaller ecological footprints thanks to heat recovery

The environment benefits as well, because lower energy consumption has a positive effect on carbon emissions and thus on the ecological footprint of the businesses in question. ‘The actual reduction in CO2 depends on the proportion of heat recovered. In many cases, carbon emissions can be lowered by several thousand tons a year,’ says Markus Enzensperger. Companies can thus considerably improve the sustainability of their buildings and production chains. This is one of the reasons why there are attractive subsidies for heat recovery .

Experience our chillers with green heat recovery

One step ahead with QUANTUM chillers

Heat recovery is worth it – especially for industries with a high demand for thermal energy. In line with its motto of ‘zero carbon transition as a service’, ENGIE Refrigeration assists companies on their path to climate neutrality with eco-friendly and perfectly efficient solutions. Our QUANTUM chillers are a perfect example. The innovative QUANTUM twin condenser technology allows heat to be discharged easily from the refrigeration process and then reused. ENGIE Refrigeration offers its air-cooled model series  with what is known as green heat recovery (GHR). A special GHR condenser turns some or all of the waste heat into usable heat. There is another huge advantage: chillers from ENGIE Refrigeration can be deployed in a wide range of different industries – from production and business operations to data centres and hospitals

QUANTUM Air mit Green Heat Recovery

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