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Rental refrigeration: cool heads during hot phases

06 August 2021

If the required refrigeration capacity is not (or no longer) adequate during major events, winter amusements or seasonal peak demand, or if an important system fails, solutions must be produced quickly. However, permanent expansions to cover temporary refrigeration requirements involve additional investment costs and are only very rarely worthwhile.

Mobile refrigeration systems for rent are a low-cost alternative to a conventional cooling supply. With its flexible rental refrigeration, ENGIE offers a fast comprehensive service and provides the required refrigeration technology for the exact time it is actually needed. The individually tailored refrigeration solution is ready for use within a few days or even hours, and it ensures your business can operate without interruption.

Numerous applications for rental refrigeration

Flexible rental refrigeration is the perfect solution for many applications. It provides relief during planned projects or in emergencies, and it can be dismantled quickly once it is no longer required. Examples of potential applications for rental refrigeration include:

  • Replacement heat during conversion or restoration of existing refrigeration systems
  • Backup for hall or building climate control
  • Seasonal refrigeration requirements in process and food cooling during peak loads or high outside temperatures
  • Interruption-free process and tool cooling, for example in the automotive industry
  • Cooling useful areas without their own climate control in midsummer
  • Air conditioning for temporary spaces (tents, warehouses, event locations)
  • Cooling mobile ice rinks
  • Mobile refrigeration for hospitals and medicine technology, or emergency cooling in the IT sector (e.g. server rooms)

Renting chillers: innovative solutions for any purpose

ENGIE Refrigeration provides the right mobile refrigeration solution for every process. We work with you to determine the necessary dimensions, technical design and combination of the necessary equipment. ENGIE offers the following systems for flexible rental refrigeration:

PENSUM air-cooled chiller

The PENSUM rental refrigeration machine is also air-cooled and versatile; at various stages of expansion, it achieves high performance values of up to 600 kW (*at cold water temperatures of 12/6°C). Based on especially reliable scroll compressors, the chillers can be expanded to include further pump modules and buffer tanks; an additional steel frame makes them especially easy to set up and transport with a forklift truck.

QUANTUM air-cooled chiller

With a cooling performance of up to 300 kW or 600 kW (*at a cold water temperature of 12/6°C) – depending on its design – the air-cooled QUANTUM is a real powerhouse. In addition, it sets new standards in refrigeration technology with its high level of energy efficiency. Installed in a space-saving manner on an easy-to-transport steel frame, the rental refrigeration system convinces with minimal maintenance requirements, high levels of reliability and low noise emissions.

VENTUM Compact-D 930 MC cooling tower

The rental cooling towers from the VENTUM Compact-D 930 MC series provide refrigeration capacities of more than 1,200 kW and are highly maintenance-friendly and easy to use. As a corrosion-free cooling tower module that is ready for connection, the system also has a robust container frame for transport and is suitable for operation as a stand-alone re-cooling plant. The VENTUM Compact-D 930 MC also has very low energy consumption. It is easy to install thanks to pre-assembled transport-ready units, so it can be deployed flexibly even in urgent cases.

Flexible rental refrigeration: all-round service from ENGIE Refrigeration

For temporary use of mobile refrigeration systems, ENGIE Refrigeration offers the entire service from a single source. Our experts always rely on individual solutions that are optimised accordingly for every requirement. From professional consultation and planning to optional services such as transport, set-up, installation and professional commissioning, we are a reliable partner who ensures the process goes smoothly and supplies the refrigeration you need.

Renting refrigeration technology: highly flexible and quickly available in case of need

An increasing number of businesses from commerce and industry as well as actors in the public space are taking advantage of efficient temporary cooling. And for good reason. Rental refrigeration systems are used not just during “hot phases”, but also ensure a reliable refrigeration supply in many other cases, for instance:

  • As a quick replacement when existing systems fail
  • As compensation and backup in the event of short-term temperature increases and production peaks
  • To avoid damage to goods and delivery bottlenecks due to process outages
  • To provide the necessary climate control at major events or other functions

Find out the best solution for your project with our experts right now:

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