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Fast cooling in the data centre

23 September 2019

The chillers in the QUANTUM series are the ideal solution for refrigeration and supply reliability in data centres. Thanks to the innovative fast restart technology (FRS) refrigeration can resume quickly after a power outage. Learn more about it in our new magazine article.

Blackout at the data centre: nothing works without power

Data centres rely on a continuous power supply. A grid failure can bring entire IT infrastructures grinding to a halt. The consequences for affected customers can be costly. Perfect protection against power failures is an illusion, of course. However, it is possible to minimise damage by putting the server system back in service as quickly as possible. This task is handled by an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) at the data centre that takes over in case of a grid failure and supplies the servers with energy.

Refrigeration experts advise: one UPS on its own is not enough

There is one problem that many companies operating data centres overlook: during the first phase of replacement power supply, the data centre refrigeration is still switched off. Traditional chillers take up to ten minutes to become fully functional again – a period that should not be underestimated, and during which temperature-critical components of the IT system have to operate without cooling. As a result, they can exceed their recommended maximum temperature. And if the computers do not have sufficient buffer storage, this can result in data loss or even server outages. Fast refrigeration is essential for data centres and should be part of any emergency concept. QUANTUM chillers offer a feature that is particularly useful in this regard: the innovative fast restart technology.

What is fast restart technology?

A chiller with the fast restart function starts especially quickly after the grid is switched to the UPS. The technology allows the chiller to start up and reach its full performance much quicker. As a result, temperature-sensitive components in the data centre are cooled in time – and data losses and failures due to overheating are prevented.

How does the fast restart technology work?

QUANTUM chillers have a double connection that combines two technological measures:

  1. The chiller can be connected directly to a UPS via the double connection and therefore be supplied with power continuously.
  2. The installed fast restart function ensures that start-up after a power outage is very quick.

Fast restart is a software function that lowers the restarting time of chillers by up to half. “It reduces the time it takes to check the starting conditions, and it activates standard load control in response to demand,” explains Jörn Stiegelmeier, head of technology and development at ENGIE Refrigeration. “That means our magnetic bearing turbo compressors reach their full capacity much quicker.”

By the way...

Fast restart technology lowers investment costs for companies operating data centres and saves a lot of space. As refrigeration returns to full capacity much more quickly, significantly less enclosed space is required as a thermal emergency buffer.

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Secure refrigeration in data centers with Fast Restart funcion

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