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Refrigeration technology for the future: a pioneer in carbon neutrality

25 September 2020

Acting sustainably helps us secure the future of our planet. In particular, energy-intensive industries – among them the refrigeration technology industry – need to contribute towards more sustainability. Chillers are essential here, as they are distinguished by high energy efficiency and low carbon emissions. We at ENGIE Refrigeration are aware of this important task: we are working steadily and with focus to offer our customers the highest-quality, most efficient and most sustainable solutions for their refrigeration and heat generation. Our aspiration: ENGIE Refrigeration wants to lead the way in the industry when it comes to carbon-neutral technologies.

We at ENGIE have dedicated ourselves to the mission of ‘zero carbon transition as a service’. Our most important strategic aim is to help our customers optimise their carbon footprint with low-carbon technologies and services. We at ENGIE Refrigeration are certain that energy-intensive industries in particular – which also include air conditioning and refrigeration technology – have a special responsibility when it comes to realising eco-friendly and sustainable products. We are facing up to this task. That is why we have focussed for many years on making it a reality – with success. Our company produces and sells chillers and heat pumps that, in comparison to many other models on the market, are highly energy-efficient and low-carbon, and thus especially eco-friendly: from the Amonum, the PENSUM Air and the QUANTUM Air to our thermeco2 high-temperature heat pumps.

Refrigeration technology from ENGIE: our contribution towards energy efficiency and sustainability

But what is it that makes our individual models so efficient and thus sustainable? And for which respective purposes and industries are they suitable? Starting now, we will report on this matter continuously in our CoolDown magazine – under the motto of ‘leading the zero carbon transition’. Because there is one thing that our chillers definitely have in common: in terms of carbon emissions, they raise the refrigeration technology used by our customers for all types of application to a new level.

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