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SPECTRUM Water chiller available from 10 October!

Available from 10 October: our water-cooled SPECTRUM Water chiller with oil-free high-lift turbo compressors and the future-proof refrigerant R-1234ze.


‘The SPECTRUM Water chiller is in the spirit of the times: as the only water-cooled chiller with oil-free high-lift turbo compressors in its performance class on the market, it guarantees maximum seasonal efficiency and maximum operational reliability.’


Roman Steddin,
Product Manager at ENGIE Refrigeration


How you benefit from the SPECTRUM Water chiller

As a water-cooled brine cooler, the SPECTRUM Water convinces with six basic models and a nominal cooling capacity range of 170 to 1,100 kilowatts with chilled medium outlet temperatures of down to -10 degrees Celsius. This makes the new machine suitable for all process cooling applications classified as normal cooling.

Oil-free turbo compressors with magnetic bearings, flooded tube bundle heat exchangers with the latest inner piping technology optimised for glycol applications, and the open-flash economizer integrated as standard guarantee optimal efficiency values in cooling mode (EER).

Oil deposits in the heat exchangers and the resulting performance and efficiency losses are not a problem. This is because the SPECTRUM Water chiller is based on an oil-free chiller design. As a result, oil changes as well as laborious and expensive service work on the components for oil return are a thing of the past. Your advantage: lower maintenance costs and fewer service-related downtimes of the system.

The SPECTRUM Water chiller provides ultimate reliability in operation. Up to six redundantly connected oil-free turbo compressors, high-quality technological components and an optional redundant feed enable the chiller to operate reliably – at all times! Because we know: stable operation is the most important aspect of process cooling.

When conversation turns to future-proof chillers, the refrigerant should not be neglected. That is why we deliver our SPECTRUM Water with minimal filling capacities of the low-GWP refrigerant R-1234ze. With a GWP value of lower than one, it convinces with its very low direct greenhouse potential and is thus completely future-proof in terms of the F-gas Regulation.

Alternatively, the SPECTRUM Water chiller is available with the highly efficient and non-flammable A1 safety refrigerant R-515B.

The SPECTRUM Water relies on a Siemens S7 PLC as the central control instrument of the chiller, and on an accurate PID controller for top control quality and a stable chilled medium outlet temperature with minimal control deviations from the required setpoint. This makes the machine suitable for any situation where a stable temperature level is required for maintaining processes and ensuring high quality standards.

In addition to the standard operation of the SPECTRUM Water as a water-cooled chiller, as a brine/water heat pump it can also be operated as a heat source in combination with ice storage systems, near-surface geothermal energy or air-pressurised hybrid coolers. In this case, the SPECTRUM Water produces rated thermal outputs of between 170 and 1,060 kilowatts at cooling medium temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius. The model is therefore suitable for all kinds of low-temperature comfort heating applications.

The outstanding concept of the SPECTRUM Water is suitable for many different industries. The machine displays its full strength wherever low chilled medium outlet temperatures, a large capacity range, maximum operational reliability and top energy efficiency are required.

As a water-cooled brine cooler for, among others

  • the food and drink industry; for example at
    • Dairies
    • Breweries
    • Refrigerated warehouses
    • Dairy farmers
  • the pharmaceutical and chemical industry; for use, among others, in
    • Cooling medication
    • Cooling liquids/gases
  • Climate chambers in the field of environmental simulation for research purposes
  • Ice rink technology and indoor ski slopes

As a brine/water heat pump, for example for

  • Comfort heating applications in the low-temperature range with renewable and innovative heat sources such as:
    • Ice storage systems
    • Near-surface geothermal energy
    • Air-cooled hybrid coolers

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