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Cooling networks and heating networks

Essentially, cooling and heating networks are a community-based solution that are already playing a key role in the sustainable energy sector – and will become even more important in future. It means that local cooling and heating systems meet local energy needs. Our QUANTUM Power fulfils these requirements with maximum energy efficiency and performance.

Projects involving cooling and heating networks

For a sustainable future: cooling and heating networks

Cooling and heating networks make life easier for you as an operating company, but also for consumers. Our solutions show their strengths in the megawatt range in particular. At these high ratings such as the QUANTUM Power chiller is particularly energy-efficient and thus lowers energy costs. This improves economic performance, and the savings can be passed on to end consumers.

More advantages, more efficiency – more of everything

Why are cooling and heating networks so groundbreaking? It’s quite simple: thanks to constant monitoring, they offer a stable, reliable energy supply and regional autonomy, unlike other energy industry solutions. At the same time, these technologies are constantly evolving and reducing carbon emissions, which means they help improve climate protection.


With a refrigeration capacity of up to 8,500 kilowatts, the QUANTUM Power is the perfect chiller for district cooling networks. Its compact and modular design allows it to adapt flexibly to any requirements and handle even the most complex on-site conditions. As well as the efficient design, maximum operational reliability and special features that all QUANTUM chillers share, the QUANTUM Power also offers the following three characteristics:

  • Maximum energy efficiency: Unbeatable in the megawatt range: the QUANTUM Power achieves especially high levels of energy efficiency at high ratings.
  • Innovative compressor design: The QUANTUM Power achieves a high EER under full load and part load thanks to its exceptional compressor design. In addition, the turbo machine suffers only minimal internal losses, while the ESEER remains at the same constant high value.
  • Comparatively low operating costs: In a district cooling network, the QUANTUM Power reaches its full potential. You save money thanks to lower energy costs in the megawatt range. This has a positive side effect: you can pass your savings directly on to your end consumers.


Would you like to learn more about the QUANTUM Power? You can find all the relevant information here: QUANTUM Power

District cooling: the climate control system of the future

The principle of district cooling is similar to that of district heat, but in the opposite direction. The QUANTUM Power cools water centrally and then distributes it to consumers via a pipeline system. There the water absorbs heat from the building climate control systems and returns it to the chiller via a second line. The cycle begins again.

This has the following advantages:

  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Lower emissions
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Lower space requirements


Many cities in Europe already use district cooling as an eco-friendly measure for climate control. As political pressure to find climate-friendly solutions increases, district cooling and district heat will become ever more important in future.

With ENGIE Refrigeration you are perfectly prepared for this situation, and you gain a partner who can advise you on all refrigeration and heating solutions.

SPECTRUM Water heat pump

Special requirements demand special machines. This is the insight that the sophisticated machine concept used for our SPECTRUM Water heat pump is based on. It has no problems with a condenser leaving water temperature of up to +65 degrees Celsius and a nominal heat output of up to 3,100 kilowatts – making it ideal for integration into communal and urban heating networks.

What does this mean for users? Let’s see: The innovative water-water heat pumps from ENGIE Refrigeration allow you to rest assured of both a high-output and highly efficient supply – using top technology made in Germany. You’re also banking on heating with a future! As an ecologically sustainable alternative to conventionally operated boilers, SPECTRUM Water contributes to the decarbonisation of heat generation and frees you from the yoke of rapidly increasing commodity prices.

This ensures the future viability of complex heating networks, along with entire districts and housing developments, in terms of climate targets. After all, our SPECTRUM Water heat pump really does satisfy these specific industry requirements:

  • As a supplementary base load in the energy mix with other conventional or regenerative heat generators (CHP, biomass, a high-temperature heat pump such as thermeco2 from ENGIE Refrigeration)
  • Monovalent over the long term in the context of lowering network temperatures (low-ex networks)
  • Eligible for subsidies under the new federal funding for efficient heating networks (BEW), among other programs

More information about the performance characteristics and advantages of the SPECTRUM water heat pumps can be found here.

‘Cooling and heating networks are the answer to current and future questions of sustainable energy management. They are social and help to curb climate change. Secure and constant monitoring of the networks guarantees a permanently reliable supply.’

Felipe Ruiz-Guerrero, Sales Engineer International at ENGIE Refrigeration

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