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SPECTRUM Water makes business park in France future-proof and eco-friendly

Facts & Figures

40.000 sqm
Total Area
1 MW
Heating Capacity
740 kW
Cooling Capacity
Seasonal Efficiency Heating
Seasonal Efficiency Cooling
< 1
Low GWP Refrigerant

  • Year-round heating supply and coverage of refrigeration requirements in summer for a 40,000 sqm service and hotel complex in a landscaped environment near Bordeaux airport
  • Total capacity of the SPECTRUM heat pump: 1 MW heating and 740 kW refrigeration
  • The entire building complex and the individual buildings themselves will be certified according to the standard for high environmental quality (BREEAM)
  • The quarter wants to become future-proof and eco-friendly and no longer be dependent on wildly fluctuating oil and gas prices
  • The SPECTRUM Water feeds into a heating/refrigeration network that supplies the building complex with hot water (55 °C) for space heating and with cold water (7 °C) for space cooling in the winter
  • The two QUANTUM Air machines, each with a refrigeration capacity of 1 MW, cover additional cooling requirements in the summer
  • Future-proof heating: not dependent on fluctuating oil and gas prices and changing legal regulations
  • Low running costs: due to high efficiency and low maintenance costs
  • Low noise emissions and reduced space requirements
  • Supply reliability and operational reliability: ensuring pleasant room temperatures for maximum tenant convenience
  • Coverage of heating and cooling needs: comfort climate control; attractive to tenants
  • Expanded capacity range: the entire complex can be supplied by a central heat pump
  • Top industry-beating seasonal efficiency values (heating SCOP 45/55 to 6.11; cooling SEER to 8.26), especially under part load (~ 75% of the operating time); these result in lower operating costs and lower indirect emissions for the system
  • Due to the oil-free magnetic bearing of the compressor shaft, there is no loss of power or efficiency and no mechanical wear throughout the machine’s service life
  • Eco-friendly low-GWP refrigerant HFO R-1234ze for very low direct emissions from the system in regard to the TEWI value, and for bonus points in the BREEAM sustainability certification for buildings
  • Hydraulic switching allows the system to be used both for refrigeration (space cooling) and for heating (space heating)
  • In chiller mode, waste heat is used to regenerate the probe array, among other things, which allows optimal utilisation of primary energy and the ground as a heat store
  • Maximum operational reliability due to redundant compressor distribution and an oil-free machine design
  • The extremely compact, light and simple machine design reduces the effort required for installation and maintenance, and it also saves space
  • A very low noise level ensures that sound emissions are low, so the machine can be integrated unobtrusively in the landscape concept of the quarter

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