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Domodedovo Airport, Moscow

Renewed use of ENGIE Refrigeration chillers at Domodedovo Airport - now also Terminal 2.

New application for ENGIE Refrigeration chillers at the Moscow Airport Domodedovo – now also in Terminal 2. Customerʼs main criteria to choose QUANTUM chillers was the excellent cooperation during the project Terminal 1, support by the local team of ENGIE Refrigeration Moscow, the high energy efficiency and opeational safety of our chillers.

  • 9 x water-cooled QUANTUM X225-E5E-HH, two units equipped with eCondenser
  • 9 x water-cooled QUANTUM X180-E4E-HH
  • 2 x air-cooled QUANTUM A120-P4C-M8
  • 3 x air-cooled QUANTUM A090-P3C-K6
  • 2 x water-cooled PENSUM SPF 161 DL
  • 2 x water-cooled PENSUM SPF 131 DL

Total refrigeration capacity: 38 MW

Do you want to learn more about our chillers with heat recovery?

We offer refrigeration technology solutions that make waste heat utilisation possible. It enables to you utilise the generated waste heat in an eco-friendly and economical manner.

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