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Decarbonisation of greenhouses with thermeco2 high-temperature heat pumps

As an environmentally friendly alternative to fossil burners, thermeco2 high-temperature heat pumps are driving decarbonisation and sustainable food production. In this project, five thermeco2 HHR1000s with a total heat output of 5 MW contribute to the zero-carbon strategy in the greenhouses of the Osatina Group.

green houses
4.852 t
CO2 savings
402.050 €
annual cost savings

5 hectares
greenhouse area
W 12 °C / W 90 °C
operating points
5 MW
heat output

"The thermeco2 high-temperature heat pumps are the perfect solution for the flow temperature required by the customer and the associated temperature spread."

Frank Glaser, Key Account Manager Industrial & Commercial Heating

  • The heating system in the greenhouses requires three different temperature levels:
    • Highest temperature level: 85 °C
    • Medium temperature level: 60 °C
    • Lower temperature level: 40 °C for vegetation heating
  • Fossil burners must be replaced without modifying the installed heating system.
  • Water-to-water heat pumps for indoor installation
  • Heat sources
    • Winter: Geothermics
    • Summer: In the warm season, thermeco2 high-temperature heat pumps enable simultaneous hot and cold water production. As a result, the primary energy used is optimally utilized and thus saves the customer an additional chiller. This free cooling power is used to air-condition surrounding farms and to cool domestic water.
  • Operating hours: 5,000 p.a.
  • Our solution will produce hot water from environmental heat in the future, with the majority of the required electrical energy coming from a photovoltaic system. Due to the decarbonisation and sustainability aspects of the project, it is subsidised by the EU with more than 40% of the total investment.
  • Energy-intensive industry
  • Future-proof and long-term security of heat supply
  • Independence from gas and the associated cost pressure of fossil fuels
  • Use of government funding and European subsidies
  • Contribution to climate protection targets
  • Improving the image of regional horticultural products "CO2-free vegetables”
Video: thermeco2 high temperature heat pump on her way to Croatia!

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