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‘The SPECTRUM Water is perfectly designed’

28 March 2022

What does the heat supply of the future look like? An interdisciplinary team at ENGIE Refrigeration has been focussing on this question for the past few months. The result: our new SPECTRUM Water heat pump, which has been available worldwide since 28 March 2022. Our employees explain the product characteristics and special benefits of this model in our ‘on point.’ magazine.

‘The product concept of our SPECTRUM Water heat pump is unique and perfectly designed. I am proud to be a member of the team that launched this innovation on the market! It contains the concentrated expertise of ENGIE Refrigeration, and our team is certain that our water-water heat pump will reliably prepare the heating supply for the future. Thanks to its unique combination of turbo compressors with magnetic bearing, flooded shell and tube condensers, and the open-flash economizer, the SPECTRUM Water is highly efficient. It is also equally climate-friendly, as it runs on a refrigerant with a low global warming potential. Another unique key property is that it operates without oil. As a result, performance and efficiency remain almost stable throughout the machine’s service life, as no oil deposits can develop in the heat exchangers or in the refrigerant circuit. And, as there is no need for oil management peripherals, the machine has a particularly low-maintenance design. This way we help our users save time and money in the long term. And that makes the SPECTRUM Water a future-proof investment.’
Roman Steddin, Product Manager

‘High energy efficiency, absolute reliability, outstanding power density, and a price-performance ratio in line with the market are the most important aspects for users when they choose their heating supply. This is something we learned from numerous conversations with our customers around the world. And our SPECTRUM Water heat pump meets all these requirements perfectly. This means the model is perfect for a variety of applications and many different industries. Above all for integration in heat networks, housing development concepts and district solutions, and for provision of low-temperature process heat for industry. The SPECTRUM Water also lives up to its full potential when used for technical building services – whether in large hotels, hospitals, shopping malls and airports, or in office complexes and logistics buildings. One thing always remains the same: the SPECTRUM Water provides maximum efficiency and shrinks your carbon footprint – and that’s guaranteed.’
Daniel Keller, Head of Product and Application Management

‘For many years the products made by ENGIE Refrigeration have stood for high-end technology around the world. And our SPECTRUM Water heat pump fully lives up to this standard once again. In technological terms, the SPECTRUM Water is based on the unique concept of our QUANTUM Water, which is currently the most efficient water-cooled chiller on the market. On this basis, we have managed to achieve outstanding efficiency values for the SPECTRUM Water as well. The intelligent Siemens S7 PLC, the innovative control via smart control with any mobile end device, and the interface with our CoolCare remote maintenance software, which is integrated as standard, are among the technological highlights. This combination is not available from any competitor. And that makes the SPECTRUM Water the perfect heat pump for anyone who cares about quality made in Germany.’
Rene Giesa, Development Engineer

‘Climate protection concerns us all. Because we can only achieve decarbonisation and climate neutrality together. Our new SPECTRUM Water heat pump is the ecologically sustainable alternative to heat generators which run on fossil fuels and is perfect for green building architecture. This allows us and our customers to contribute to the decarbonisation of heating, and towards the 1.5 degree target – as the European Green Deal intended. And the German government agrees. That is why it subsidises the retroactive installation of the SPECTRUM Water in existing non-residential buildings as an individual measure as part of the federal fund for efficient buildings (BEG). Subsidies of up to 45 per cent of eligible investment costs are possible. And it’s worth it.’
Jessica Ritzenhofen, Marketing and Communication

‘There’s no energy transition without a heating transition. As a specialist for refrigeration and heating technology, we at ENGIE Refrigeration believe it is our duty to reliably assist our customers as partners on their path of transformation towards climate neutrality. We have played a pioneering role in the international refrigeration industry for many years. To master the energy transition, we are now focussing increasingly on innovative solutions for the heating sector – ones that meet the highest standards in terms of economy, efficiency and sustainability. This was always our guiding principle during the design and implementation of our new heat pump series. We developed the SPECTRUM Water heat pump series in response to international climate targets and rising market demand for highly efficient heat pumps. And we were successful: we are the first company to offer an oil-free machine design that is ready for production, as well as absolute peak efficiency in the field of heating. Thanks to its special features, the series not only meets today’s requirements for the heating supply, but also those of the future. ENGIE Refrigeration is thereby positioning the company as an innovative and strong supplier on the industrial and commercial heating market.’
Jochen Hornung, CEO

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