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PENSUM SPF chiller

Above all, the PENSUM SPF is versatile. Three different designs, each in two different versions and with four perfectly coordinated efficiency packages – all this allows the water-cooled chillers to be customised in a capacity range between 50 and 508 kW. Naturally with the efficiency that you know from ENGIE Refrigeration.

The advantages of the PENSUM SPF at a glance

Efficiency under part load
thanks to a multiple scroll compressor solution
Four efficiency packages
to suit your individual requirements
Flexible application
due to three different designs, each in two versions
Excellent service
with our Germany-wide dense network of trained professionals
Versatile chiller
ideal for technical building services

PENSUM SPF: flexible in the low-capacity range

The PENSUM SPF offers an enormous amount of options. We assist you during the planning phase and work with you to develop the ideal concept for your individual requirements. Then you are welcome to contact us.

The PENSUM SPF comes in three versions:

  • Chilled water set for dry cooler or cooling tower applications
  • Heat pump
  • Switchable heat pump

Depending on the required capacity range, we also offer four different configurations for the refrigeration circuit. Multiple compressors in a single circuit, for example, ensure higher efficiency under partial loads, while two refrigeration circuits with one or two compressors per circuit represent a redundant system.

But that’s not all: you can select the Standard version or the extremely quiet Silent version.

In addition to the many options, all PENSUM SPF models also share characteristics that you can rely on and that guarantee high levels of efficiency. In detail, these are:

  • Multiple scroll compressor solution for highly efficient performance under partial loads (ESEER)
  • Expansion valve with electrical actuator
  • Hard-soldered plate heat exchangers made from stainless steel
  • Switch cabinet with master switch
  • Filter dryer with replacement cartridge and service valve
  • Safety devices as per the Pressure equipment directive 97/23/EC

You want to get even more out of your PENSUM SPF? Not a problem – because we offer you additional options:

  • Partial heat recovery (heater)
  • Soft start-up package
  • Base frame damping by means of rubber feet or spring elements
  • Options for communication with the building technology
    • Ethernet interface and serial connection with networks that use the Carel Modbus RTU or LonWorks protocol.
  • Additional hydraulic module
    • Low- or high-pressure pump on the consumer side and low- or high-pressure pump on the source side

Would you like to learn more about our PENSUM SPF models or talk to us directly about various options?